Team Associated Sponsors Volcom’s Totally Crustaceous Tour

Team Associated is very lucky to have so many friends and partners that are both inside and outside of the R/C community. When Volcom's Carl Holm and Troy Powell tapped Team Associated to be a part of the Volcom Stone's Totally Crustaceous Tour, we were stoked to be involved!


Volcom Stone's Totally Crustaceous Tour is like an 'anti-surf' tour that is free to enter and puts the focus on having a lot of fun. The tour travels the world and includes several divisions for Squids (10 & under), Groms (14 & under), Juniors (17 & under), Girls (25 & under), Pro-Amateur (18 & up) and Air (invitational).

volcom-stoneWhile the focus of the Totally Crustaceous Tour is all about fun, these kids are also highly competitive because there are lots of great prizes up for grabs including surfboards, snowboards, skateboards, bicycles, motorcycles, jet skis, video games, and for a couple of very special winners, a Team Associated SC10 Ready-To-Run!

Be sure to check out the whole story, pictures, and live webcast info right here!