There is no doubt that Ivan Tedesco is a casualty of the economic down-turn and was left without a Factory seat when all the dust settled even after finishing a solid third overall in the outdoors.  Hotsauce is known for his perseverance and work ethic and will demonstrate those qualities once again in 2010 as he works his way back to the top.  We will hear the latest on his plans and sponsors as Anaheim looms just a few weeks away.

JGR's Jeremy Albrecht is well-respected as a manager within the sport and for good reason. His team's impressive growth has them considered as one of the elite programs in the pits and consistent podium contenders in both series. He is always looking forward so we will see their plans and goals for the upcoming year and talk about the recent changes to the team.

You can't read a newspaper or watch the news without being reminded of how much things suck right now as the economy is scratching for every bit of traction and looking for even the smallest nugget of positive news to hang our hopes on.  Our sport seemed to be immune at first last year, but the latest wave came through with a vengeance and we are left with the new reality to deal with.  Jimmy Button has seen a lot in his years as a rider and agent and will help us break down the immediate effect and where we go from here.

Steve Matthes has cut quite a nice niche out for himself with his very popular Racer X pod casts and work on  He is not afraid to grab an apple off the forbidden motocross story tree and write about it, and has a loyal following of fans because of his independent style.  We wanted to get his take on the upcoming season and address the persistent rumor that he slept with Tiger Woods, too.
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