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The privateer hero, Adam Enticknap (The 7deucedeuce,) makes his iTunes premiere today with the release of his first single, "Rip it, Ride it, Swerve" on Monday, April 20th.

Adam Enticknap's first passion has always been riding motocross but while spending long hours on the road traveling between races he needed to find a way to pass the time and started rapping in 2013 with fellow teammates to entertain himself and his teammates. In 2014 he gave a name to his rap ­ego, The 7deucedeuce, which is also is his racing number #722.

Enticknap, also known as The Privateer Hero, began to realize that what began as a fun hobby turned into a way for him to connect with his fans about his racing journey. After releasing several songs on SoundCloud and receiving nearly 80,000 hits it became obvious that the people wanted to hear more from The 7deucedeuce.

With intentions of fundraising for Enticknap's racing fund, the release of "Rip it, Ride it, Swerve" comes at a critical time in The People's Champion's journey. Only two weeks prior, The 7deucedeuce achieved his career best, placing 16th in the main event at the St. Louis Supercross. Unfortunately, while his racing progress was on the rise, he suffered a wrist injury during practice at the Santa Clara Supercross. However, this minor setback isn't going to bring down the Privateer Hero who's known for his positive, can­ do attitude.

The 7deucedeuce is determined to make a fast recovery and get back on the track as soon as possible. All proceeds from iTunes will go directly to supporting The 7deucedeuce's racing fund and will help to ensure The People's Champion has everything he needs to make a strong comeback. While out of commission you can count on one thing for sure, more hits from Enticknap.

You can purchase "Rip it, Ride it, Swerve" on iTunes for $.99 today to help support the dream of Adam Enticknap and The 7deucedeuce.

Instagram: @The722
Twitter: @AEnticknap722