The Freshman Class – 250 East Coast Rookies

Each year a new crop of talent makes their professional Supercross racing debuts, and we must say that the class of 2013 is one of the best yet. On the West Coast, Jessy Nelson has snatched his fair share of holeshots aboard his Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil Honda and proves time and time again that his early move up from the amateur ranks was a wise choice. Then you have JDR/J-Star/KTM’s Joey Savatgy, a rider known for his amateur career, own social networking hash tag (if you know what #armswag is, then you know Savatgy), and now his willingness to battle tooth and nail with the top 250 veterans.

The East Coast has its own group of rookie sensations, three to be exact: Justin Hill, Jeremy Martin, and Zach Bell. Two happen to be younger brothers of accomplished racers, while the third is the eldest of a next generation racing family. All three kicked their SX careers off in Dallas, and in Bell’s case, became newfound fan favorites. Racing in front of thousands of fans in a packed stadium is every aspiring racer’s dream, and we asked the East Coast Freshman for their take on how it feels to finally make the jump.