Throttle Jockey at Red Bud

Come celebrate this weekend at Red Bud with Throttle
Jockey! The Davis Family of T.J. will be on vendor row
this weekend celebrating 30 years of racing and 10
years as a sponsor of the Factory Honda Team.

Robert Davis, part owner and President of T.J. says “Our Mom
and Dad brought us to our 1st pro race here in 1977.
We couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate.”
Brother Matt had this to add, “My 1st bike was a
Yamaha GT 80 and the 1st year we sponsored Factory
Honda was 1998. We will have a 1977 GT 80 entered in
to the Vintage Motorcycle show this weekend and a 1998
Team Honda Ezra Lusk/Steve Lamson replica bike on display.”

T.J. will also be video taping interviews with racers,
industry types, friends and customers to include on
T.J.TV. So beware! Come by to bench race with the
brothers and pick up collector stickers to the first
500 people and see new products like Pre-Printed
Backgrounds, Neck Brace Decals, Fender Trim Kits, and
Custom Pit Boards. Throttle Jockey is very proud and
blessed to be a part of the Motocross family and would
like to thank all of the companies, racers and customers who
have supported us over the years.