Foreword by Anton

I was in attendance at the St. Louis Supercross on the night Trey Canard claimed the number one plate he is running in this week’s videos. It was Trey’s rookie year and he had already claimed three main event wins as Ryan Villopoto overcame injuries and that collision with Josh Grant on the wall jump in Atlanta. Heading into STL, which was the final round of the East Coast Supercross tour, the point chase tightened between the two as Trey finished off the podium three times, once as far back as 10th, while Ryan went on a streak of wins. This would be Villopoto’s final year in the Lites class and it was obvious he wanted to go out on a high note, as he came back from a poor start and blocks by Josh Grant to challenge Canard by lap five. Both riders made multiple mistakes in those opening laps, which allowed the battle to stay tight enough for them to make contact even before the big hit. 

Trey was on the gas as they rounded the right hand turn before the finish line, and with little control, rode into Ryan when they went up the face of the jump. Trey was able to stay upright as Ryan’s bike flew off of the track and took out a track worked. With that, Trey went on to take both the win and title, while Ryan finished fourth and went on to win the Outdoor championship.

At the time, my younger brother was a die-hard Villopoto fan and was crushed when RV was wide and into the scaffolding, so I had to ride home with both a disgruntled 12-year old and an equally ill-tempered ex-girlfriend (She was mad for other reasons aside from the race; that she was dating me mostly. But that’s another story.).

Anyway, I was also in Los Angeles when Trey and Ryan Morais crashed earlier this year, and my heart sank for both of them. The moments in the frigid press box were tense as they laid motionless on the track, and I was certain I witnessed the end of two careers. I am glad to see that both riders are back on the bike now and that their futures look bright. It’s also good to see that even though so many years have past and injuries have happened since these videos were made, Trey still holds the same positive attitude and riding style.

Check out these videos Swap made of Trey as he prepared for the 2009 season.