Tonight on MXTalkRadio

Matt Boni, Justin Barcia, and Dave Deringer

Ti-Lubes Matt Boni is back for another round of banter with us. We'll rap with him about the obvious cookie cutter stuff, but we'll also find out what is new with him. Matt's coming off a pair of 12th place finishes at Daytona and Indy, and is always good for a story about gators or his dads airboat, and anything else that goes on in the swamp…

For the first time on MXTalkRadio, we've got East Coast Lites sensation Justin Barcia from the Factory Connection Geico Honda Team. Justin can fill us in on his season and talk about some of his “more aggressive” moves, then we'll do what we can to find out about the kid they call “bam bam”.

Since Bodybag & Forehead couldn't make it to Indy, we'll be catching up with juggalo extraordinaire Dave Deringer to give us some of the highlights and lowlights of the weekend. We are truly hoping he has some groundbreaking dirt he can shovel on us, but more than likely we’ll just bench race about the weekend and on what’s to come for the season.

Finally, we will cover our fetish of MotoXDream Fantasy racing and might even give away a swag bag from our friends at THQ/Rainbow Studios to our weekly division winner.