Track Tested | Mobius X8 Wrist Brace

Price: $199.95

Mobius made a name for itself with an innovative knee brace, and it has incorporated its trademark CCRS (Continuous Cable Routing System) into an off-the-shelf wrist brace. Sold individually, the brace is available in two sizes (small/medium and medium/large) and provides support to the wrist in varying degrees throughout the wrist's range of motion. An adjustable extension stop (10 to 70 degrees) allows you to protect an existing injury.

Last year, Cooper Webb was in need of a wrist brace and he turned to the crew at Mobius to see if they could help, and a rougher version of the X8 is what he got. Webb obviously went on to earn the 2017 250 National MX Championship in spite of his injured wrist, so it’s obvious that the brace worked well for him. We got our hands on a pair of the X8 braces recently and have ridden in them with great results.

The X8 brace is easy to put on, and the neoprene sleeve that slips over your middle finger is virtually undetectable while riding. Other braces that have straps across your palm can bunch up and cause arm pump. Unlike some braces that simply protect against hyperextension of the wrist, the Mobius brace offers a ton of support to the wrist joint. The amount of support is adjusted by the adjustment dial can be easily dialed in to suit your personal tastes and needs. Initially, the brace feels a bit bulky and we weren't sure that we had it on correctly. However, once we took to the track it became clear that the X8 offers great support, protection, and mobility. The continuous cable routing system offers varying degrees of support, depending on the position of your wrist. This ensures that the brace does not get too tight and cut off circulation while riding.

Our only complaint is that the bottom wrist strap could be designed better, as it is a little tricky to thread through the brace with gloves on. Perhaps a stiffer material on the tip of the strap would make it easier to get started.

Mobius took a different approach to wrist bracing for the motocross application, and the X8 is the best brace we've worn when it comes to actually supporting a weak or injured joint, and not simply protecting against hyperextension.


The side view of the brace shows where the cable system applies the bulk of its support. At first, we thought we might have had the brace on too high on our hand, but this is just right.


Notice where you slip your middle finger through the neoprene sleeve – unlike most wrist braces that involve layers of material across your palm, the X8 does not come between your hand and the grips.

If you have a bum wrist, the Mobius X8 is a God send.