Jill Angues

Age: 43

Hometown: Murrieta, California

Classes Raced: Women’s 30+

Sponsors: Bill’s Pipes, Thor, Lainer Suspension, 100%, DT1, ODI

Jill Angues turned in a perfect 1-1-1 moto tally in the Women’s 30+ class at the TransAm Vet Classic. One of the coolest women we’ve met in moto, she actually grew our sport by one when she and her now-husband started dating. Find our more about her program and the marriage made at the track in the interview that follows…

You had a very successful weekend out here, tell me about the class and how it went.

The class was wonderful, there were two other women in the class that were absolutely wonderful individuals to race against. Very good sportsman, very good fun, we all high-fived each other and it’s kinda why we come out to race. That alone made it probably the most spectacular events.

This was an all-vet weekend, what are your thoughts about a race made just for vets? The vibe is a little different…

It’s very different, we all kind of have that same mentality that we have to go to work on Monday, so no one is out here to take anybody out. The intent is to have fun, you can tell everyone was really relaxed and having a great time. The racing was amazing, so you can’t argue with that.

We interviewed your husband two rounds ago, and one of the interesting things he said was that he got into motocross because of you…

Yes, so we used to work together and I had a RM125 from Bill’s Pipes that they hooked me up with. I used to take it to work cause I would ride Elsinore after work and Shiloh came into the building one day and said, “Hey which one of you guys ride?” and they all responded, “It’s not a guy, it’s Jill upstairs in finance,” so he came upstairs and we started talking. That’s kind of how things progressed.

Really? So, it’s a relationship born in the dirt?

(Laughs) It was, yeah. He had a street bike, sold it, bought a truck, bought a dirt bike, and it has been like this ever since.

It really has been really a husband and wife activity then? I know Shiloh takes it very seriously and trains. Is it the same for you?

Yeah, very much so. We compete in our training, I think I train harder than him, but he says differently haha.