Who will win this year’s TransWorld SLAM Pro Race and take home this belt and a cool $5000?

We’re less than two weeks away from the September 8 TransWorld SLAM Festival, presented by Monster Energy, to be held at Riverside, California’s Milestone MX Park. We’ve rented out the entire facility and everyone is invited to come out and ride for free on all of the tracks, starting at 8:00 a.m.!

The highlight of the day, of course, is the SLAM Pro Race. Contrary to popular belief, this is a come-one, come-all event for Pro-level racers! Sign up starts at noon at the TWMX Race Series trailer near the starting line. There is NO ENTRY FEE! That’s right, pros can come out to try to win their share of the $10,000 SLAM purse, for free!

Here’s how the SLAM works… All entrants will participate in a 20-minute timed qualifying session on the main track. There will be a special SLAM-only lane in the middle of the track to make the event more exciting for the spectators and racers alike. At the end of the session, the fastest 15 qualifiers will advance to the main event motos. One racer will be chosen by the edit staff as the Wild Card, rounding out the field to 16 racers. Two five-lap sprint motos will determine the overall SLAM Champion. The $10,000 purse will be split between the top three finishers with $5000 for first, $3000 for second, and $2000 for third.

Who is racing? Though we had confirmed Broc Tickle early on, the former West Coast 250 SX Champion was forced to withdraw pending his provisional WADA suspension that states he cannot earn money in any athletic event, motocross or otherwise.

New dad Tyler Bowers won last year’s SLAM and took home a cool 5K. He was more excited about the BBQ we threw in as a trophy, though, and says he won’t come back this year unless there’s another one to win.

Last year’s SLAM Champion Tyler Bowers has not committed to running the number-one plate yet, but we’re hoping that the need for diapers and formula will eventually sway his opinion. $5000 does buy a lot of Pampers, Hulk…

Cole Martinez finished second overall last year and is looking to take home the big check this year.

Heading up the National riders showing up is Cole Martinez, who finished second in last year’s SLAM. We’ve already spotted number 59 tuning up for next weekend’s race at Milestone, and he looks fantastic aboard his Husqvarna.

Alex Ray needs TP for his bunghole.

Privateer hero Alex Ray is also confirmed to race the SLAM. Though he will be mounted aboard his personal Yamaha YZ450F, he does have some special parts on it thanks to his stint as a fill-in rider this summer on the Monster Energy Yamaha factory team. “I need that money,” said Ray, as he spun laps around Milestone MX today. “I’m in it to win it.”

Stank Dog is in for the SLAM. Will he be on a two-stroke or four?

Perhaps the most interesting confirmed entry is that of Gared Steinke, the popular privateer racer and defending Red Bull Straight Rhythm Two Stroke Champion. Stank Dog says he is coming to take down the SLAM like he did the RBSR, and he should have plenty of fans cheering him on at Milestone…especially if he is mounted aboard a two-stroke race bike!

Long-time TWMX test rider Tallon LaFountaine will be a front-runner.

Our very own Tallon LaFountaine has spent the past few months racing off road with plenty of success as a member of the 3Bros Husqvarna Racing Team. Though he’s transitioned into a career of bark busting and fanny packs, LaFountaine is still wicked fast on a moto track and especially so at Milestone. Big tank and all, young Tallon will take a break from the World Series of Love next weekend and will for sure run at the front of the pack. (Disneyland tickets are expensive!)

Other racers who have confirmed their intent to compete include Dylan Merriam, Kai Aiello, Richard Taylor Jr., Blake Lilly, Chris Johnson, Mitchell Falk, Tyler Enticknap, Gage Sherer, Pierce Brown, Mike Alessi and possibly…Ryan Villopoto!

Ryan Villopoto has expressed some interest in competing in this year’s SLAM race, as he needs to get some gate drops before heading down under this winter to try and win the AUS X Open Supercross. RV sounded 50-50 on the phone today, but his agent Lucas Myrtle says he is IN. Blow up RV’s Instagram with SLAM comments so we can get him out there. He’s already won this year’s TransAm Vet Classic…why not bookend 2018 with a SLAM Belt?