By: Casey Davis @air_d617

2017 has been a rough one for Trey Canard, as his season has been riddled with injury after injury with the latest being a broken collarbone in May while preparing for round one of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. The Red Bull KTM rider has since made a full recovery, though, and even plans on attending the 2017 RedBud National for his first race back if everything goes as planned. We caught up with the #41 yesterday at Pala Raceway following a long day of testing under the hot So.Cal sun to discuss his recovery, as well as what it’s like to work with former East Coast Supercross champ Tim “Red Dog” Ferry.

Trey, it’s good to see you back on the bike. How Long have you been in the saddle and how is everything feeling?

I’m feeling good and I’ve been on the bike for a few weeks, now. I maybe could have started my recovery earlier, but I figured I needed to do this the right way, and rushing into it isn’t smart. I don’t want to come back until I’m good and ready! Like I said, I’ve been on the bike for a couple of weeks now and it feels good to be back.

Obviously, you’re an Oklahoma guy, but you’re out here in California working with the team. Are you out here for testing before your return?

Yeah, like you said I’m from Oklahoma, so I’m just out here testing with the team. I got here on Sunday and rode at Lake Elsinore MX on Monday with the team, and then Pala on Tuesday. Essentially, we’re just finishing up some fine-tuning on the bike before I get back to the starting line. I’ve had a few things that I’ve wanted to work on, and while the team has been out racing with Marvin (Musquin) they’ve come up with some new settings, so I’ve been wanting to catch up a little bit by trying them out.

We last caught up with you at the Glen Helen National just before you were about to be released to ride. Now that you’ve been in the saddle for a few weeks, when can we look forward to seeing you back on the starting line? Initially, you had mentioned RedBud, so is that still the plan?

There’s been a little talk about Muddy Creek being my first race back, but I still think I’m going to wait for RedBud. I really enjoy riding at that track, so that’s still my plan.

Are you a little more comfortable making your return during the East Coast rounds since that’s what you’re used to riding on?

Yeah, for sure. I’m a little more acclimated to the dirt on the East Coast than the dirt out here on the West Coast only because that’s the kind of dirt that I ride on back home in Oklahoma.

Many of the top riders in the sport have made the move to Florida in an attempt to better themselves as racers, so do you see yourself moving down there in the future?

I typically go out there in the winter to ride, but I really enjoy being home in Oklahoma. I really don’t foresee myself making that move anytime soon; especially since I get the same kind of heat and humidity in Oklahoma. I genuinely feel that my program back home is working great, so there really is no need to change anything.

We saw you working with Tim Ferry a little bit today, but you’ve been with “Red Dog” for several years, now. Talk about what it’s like to work with Ferry…

Yeah, I’ve been working with Tim since 2010, and he’s always been extremely helpful for me mentally. Tim has a very good eye for things when it comes to the bike and we work really well together. I enjoy having him around, especially during days like this where there’s a lot of testing going on – I like to keep him involved with testing as much as I can.