Tribute and Fundraiser for Blair Morgan

Blair Morgan is the name of Snocross. He truly affected and inspired millions of riders, competitors, team mates and everyone in the industry and changed the face of the sport. He is a legend in Canadian motocross and has a world wide fan base in both sports. Blair Morgan has a global impact on almost everyone who watches, listens, reads or takes part in these sports. Racing happens to be one of the most respectfully
challenging, rewarding and inspiring competitions in the world.

For all of us, Blair has been the image of strength, talent, passion, dedication… and most of all inspiration.
This is our way to give back to Blair what he has given us for so many years, to return the inspiration he has given to us, and inspire him to get better.

A Group of great people have gotten together to form Operation Inspiration. You can visit us at

Please visit the site for merchandise and see the list of sponsors who have donated a great deal of time and/or money to help support this great cause. All proceeds form this effort will be donated to Blair Morgan and spinal cord research.

In addition to t-shirts, bracelets, and stickers, there is also a helmet auction to follow each snocross round. The opening weekend in Duluth 18 pro riders wore custom painted helmets by HCP Designs in a tribute to Blair Morgan and all he has give us for so many years. These helmets are signed by each rider wearing them and will be auctioned at selected events. Riders such as: Tucker Hibbert, Levi LaVallee, Steve Taylor, Iain Hayden, Brett Turcotte and many others. Please check the web site for auction dates.
This injury strikes very close to home for Blair. Jamie Anseeuw, BMRT Race team manager, sustained a spinal cord injury while doing some testing for Blair in 1999. Since then Blair has worked at raising funds and worked with organizations such as in finding a cure for spinal cord injuries. Let's keep these efforts going so we may find a cure one day. To help people like Blair and so many other riders in our beloved sport that fall victim to these terrible injuries.
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