Troy Lee and his latest masterpiece.

Troy Lee and his latest masterpiece.

We just got this note from Troy Lee, who was commissioned to design the cover of the program for the 99th running of the prestigious Indy 500. Super cool, Troy!

The Indy 500 is a part of my DNA, and dear to my heart. In my opinion, it’s the most prestigious racing event in motorsports. Winning Indy makes a driver a household name instantly.

Everything about it, starting with the racing facility is incredible. The size and scope of the pageantry is truly unique to this race. I attend many 2 and 4 wheel races all over the world – but there’s nothing that compares to the Indy 500!

Can’t wait to watch the world fastest racers lay it all on the line. The speeds are incredible – like watching airplanes fly around a racetrack.

Hard to believe, but I’m more excited to attend this year’s race than I was to watch my first Indy race as a teenager, more than 30 years ago.

I’m honored to design artwork that celebrates & commemorates Indy’s 99th Anniversary, and proud that I’m a part of the history of this legendary raceway.

Good Luck to all the drivers & teams.