Tuesday Tip | Jake Weimer

Bowl Corner Technique With Jake Weimer


It’s safe to say that nearly every motocross track around the world features some sort of bowl turn, and while they may seem easy to conquer, they can sometimes wreak havoc on those without the proper technique. Bowl corners come in all shapes and sizes, so the beauty of these particular turns is that you can change up your line in an instant if the main line begins to break down; this is something that every rider should keep in the back of their mind. A rider’s bowl corner technique can make or break their lap times, so it’s important to be aware of the condition of the corner, as well.

We checked in with former East Coast 250 Supercross champ Jake Weimer last week to get a few riding tips for bowl corners, and this is what the number 12 had to say…

1. Awareness

“Be aware of the condition that the corner is in. Knowledge of the track and its condition is important. You need to be able to adapt to the track as it begins to break down over the course of the day. Knowing when to change up your lines when the track begins to get rough is important, as well because it’s easy to get stuck in your same lines even if they’re not faster.”

2. Traction

“You want to look for the line that’s going to allow for the most amount of traction. Getting into that moist dirt is whats going to work best. The lines with the most amount of moisture without being overly muddy or slippery typically offer the best traction, which is key on most tracks because momentum is the name of the game.”

3. Braking

“You don’t want to rush into the corner as fast as you possibly can because you’ll be braking all the way through the corner, but you do need momentum. You should never be braking halfway around the corner because this kills all of your drive. Instead, try braking or slowing down before the corner, then rolling all the way around the turn to maintain momentum.”

4. Throttle Control 

“Throttle control is extremely important! As youre rolling through the corner, roll on the throttle without cracking it wide open. It’s important to keep your momentum up because when you need that extra burst of power it helps to already  be in the meat of the motor. Momentum and throttle control go hand-in-hand, and the right amount of both will keep your rear tire biting instead of breaking loose.”

5. Eyes up

“One of the biggest fundamentals of motocross is keeping your eyes up in the direction that you’re going instead of at the ground directly in front of you. Spotting the next obstacle as soon as you can is key, and it will improve your line choice, as well. Staring down at the ground in front of you doesn’t allow you to make the right line choice because you can’t see what’s ahead.”