TWMX Race Series Racer Profile | Dylan Gaszak

West Coast Open Rd. 1

By Chase Curtis

Dylan Gaszak, 15

Hometown: Lakeside, CA

Sponsors: Mom and Dad, North County Yamaha, Sign-Art Graphics, Maxima Oils, Moto Seat, Addiction Industries, Pound Foolish, SPY, FOX

One of the best parts of the TWMX Race Series is watching rider's skills and race results progress over time. We've been able to watch Dylan Gaszak progress over the years, as he is rarely absent from one of our races. The 15-year-old is not only one of the youngest in his class; but also one of the most inexperienced, as he has only been racing for five years. Despite his lack of time behind the gate, Dylan pulled off a perfect day after snagging two moto wins in 250 Intermediate for the overall. We were able to catch up with the frequent flier and discuss his plans for this season, as well as his upbringing in the sport.

What brings you out to Milestone today?
I came out to get some practice in and have some fun. I need to work on my starts, so I figured what better way to work on starts than to race.

You also raced at Glen Helen yesterday, how’d that go?
It went alright. I had a couple bad starts and struggled to get a good drive off the gate drop, so I ended up working my way through the pack each moto. It was a rough day, but I know what I need to work on now.

As far as racing, what are your plans this year?
We are racing the Cal Classic next week, so hopefully that goes well. Following that, we are going to Mammoth, then shooting for Loretta's after we race the regional. And of course, we will be racing the TWMX Race Series.

You are definitely one of the youngest guys in your class…
Yeah for sure! I just started racing a few years ago, so that's another disadvantage I have. It's hard racing with those kids, who obviously have been around longer and have more experience, but I don’t let that bother me. I try and move past the disadvantages, and work on being better and faster.

When did you start racing?
I started racing in 2012, and that was only the real little races. I was out there barely hitting the 10-foot jumps, but then a few years ago, I started really focusing on racing and improving. And now, after trying my best to get to the top, I'm out here battling with some pretty fast kids.

Between the time that you started racing and now, what all did you do to progress your speed and riding style?
I always work on being smooth and not so choppy. It's really important, especially on a 250F, to be smooth on the throttle. I was fortunate enough to get some help from my buddy, Christopher Proscelle , who raced pro for a few years. He helped me a lot with my skills on the bike, and hopefully, I can progress to the level that he once raced at and prove myself.

How's your day gone so far?
It's been good. There aren't too many kids to battle with since a lot of people are over at Glen Helen for the regional race. So, I've been using today to focus on little things, like starts.

How badass is it going to school and telling all the ladies that you race motocross?
It's not that cool (laughs). The fact that I can't ride that often, because of school, kind of ruins it for me. The attendance office is always whining when I miss a day to ride, so I feel that it really holds me back. Hopefully next year I'll do independent study, and be able to ride and train more.

What got you into motocross?
That's a hard one. It all started with our friends from Corona, whose youngest son used to race motocross. After their son stopped racing, they helped me get a 50cc and now here we are.

What do you think about this guy cruising the pits, equipped with his retro gear, on his old CR?
I think it's pretty cool! I might have to ask him to let me ride the bike for a little because he looks like he is clogging it up putting around like that. I might go ride on the Supercross track with it (laughs).

What's your favorite track snack?
My favorite track snack would have to be Kazoozles.

What is a Kazoozle?
A Kazoozle is this banging candy! It's called Sweet Tart Ropes now, but it used to be call Kazoozle. Look it up (laughs).

You seem to wear a lot of red, white, and blue. Is that your favorite color combination?
Yeah, you got me on that one. My favorite color combination is, in fact, red, white, and blue. I have to support America in one way or another.