TWMX Race Series Racer Profile

Jimmy Sloan

Age: 43

Hometown: Perris, CA, by way of Tucson, AZ

Classes Raced: Vet Intermediate Open, 40 Plus Vet Intermediate

Sponsors: Carribean Bike Life, Magari Wear, Fresh Powder, Traction MX, Spokeskins, Motul, Mr. Business Productions, Dummy Wheels, Third Eye Visions (S/O: Love you Jay!), B Spoke, and my son Jaisac 63 (with a little love)

We were pumped to see our friend Jimmy Sloan on the entry lists at round two of the TWMX Terra Firma Series, held at Perris Raceway. Sloan is the man responsible for providing two of our all-time favorite tracks – Perris Raceway and Milestone MX – for all of us to ride and race at, and seeing him on the saddle of his dirt bike was inspiring. Last year, Jimmy lost his son Jaisaac – a well-loved professional motocross racer – to a random act of violence, and it’s been tough for him to be around the track until recently…

Jimmy, it’s great to see you out here racing today, what inspired you to start lining up again?

I lost my son last year and I’ve just kind of been lost all year…its what I always used to do with him. I went and rode one day and I just felt that energy again, almost like he was with me, but I believe he is with me and so I just kept going the next day and the next day. I started going to the gym again, every day and then the more I rode the more I started thinking about it. So I told myself “I’m gonna race,” and of course, it’s got to be at TransWorld… and that’s not even me trying to prop TransWorld, cause I always do anyway, but if I’m racing- I’m racing TransWorld, that’s it! Period. I just love your guys’ program.

Since you mentioned the TWMX Race Series, what do you think of our program?

I love the two-track program, I love the professionalism; you guys just run a really solid crew. I’ve worked with you guys for years on the track level with racing and Craig Davis and all you guys just do really good! You know, I’m happy that there is a race series around here that is really doing it on a regular basis. It’s a good day here with TransWorld.

How much racing did you do when you were younger? Did you ever race pro?

No, me and my son got into it when he was little and we tried out our first race back in Arizona. I raced probably from 2002 to 2005; we raced every single Saturday, every single Sunday, and then I got real serious with my son so that is when I decided to stop riding bikes. I didn’t ride for years and years and now I’m officially riding and I’m going to be racing fall in the series as much as possible.

Being at the track must feel so different without Jaisaac, but at the same time, this must make you feel close to him…

`Well, it’s really hard cause there are so many memories and I replay them constantly through little reminders, but at the same time, I don’t want to forget him. It’s kind of a bittersweet thing. They made the new uphill over here for us and they called it Jaisaac’s peak and that was really heartwarming. I just hope he’s here today with me, bring energy with me, and be my coach on the lowdown. Haha.

So it looks like Mike Craig is coaching you, can you explain a little bit about that?

I just love Mike because I have a long history with Mike now. You know, we started training when I came to California with my son and he just really treated my son as if he was his own. What I really like about Mike is him and I will go ride in the hills and the railroad and he’s just full of different experiences and stories that he tells me. I always listen because it’s like a history lesson, he’s a good coach too, but I just love the history that he always has with some funny story because he has been there and done that, for reals.

Talk about the riders you help, is this your way of giving back?

I’ve always been a giving person by nature and it’s hurt me at times when you help the wrong people, but when you help the right people it feels really good. You know, I’m still kind of looking for what to do with my life these days and I like to do things like buying a kid a gym membership. I saw him a little overweight and I told him to come to my gym and work out with me and I’ll pay for your gym pass, that’s how you really make change. Not necessarily giving somebody a thousand dollars, but giving them different ways and tools to help. That’s really my paycheck in life, cause money is just money, but it’s really what you do in life is what matters at the end of the day. Like real quick, I see that your dad is getting you in here and to be with his daughter and to see all this, that’s his happiness. I guarantee it.

So the TransWorld Race Series always enjoys its biggest turnouts at Perris and Milestone, the two tracks you run, what do you do differently here that people love so much?

I mean, my biggest thing is PR, Public Relations, hospitality, we treat our customers well, and hopefully give them the best prep of the day. We just got our new equipment for Milestone and I rode Milestone for the first time and loved it. So I want to get that here for Perris, you know? But as far as my day-to-day operations, I don’t really do that very much anymore, my manager Aaron Cook does that and then reports to me. I like to check in when I’m riding and talk to my flaggers and I just hope always that we have good public relations, that’s my real hope.

What exactly is Free The Peeps?

Free The Peeps, was just basically always my nickname. I’ve been through a little bit in my life and one day 20 years ago people just started calling me “Free The Peeps” for kind of how I help people and get things for people. It was actually “For The People;” that was what they would call me, but it was just kind of generic so it got changed to “Free The Peeps” and I use it to help kids around here. I don’t talk about names or who I help really, I feel like if I was really posting about it or saying names then it wouldn’t be done for the right reason, so I just do what I do and I smile on the inside.

Where can we find Milestone a Perris on social media?

On IInstagram, its @perrismotocross and @milestonemx!