TWMX Race Series Racer Profile

Kyle Bentley
Age: 37
Hometown: Riverside, CA
Classes Raced: Vet Novice Open and 30 Novice
Sponsors: Husqvarna, Pro Circuit, Dunlop, Just 1 Racing and Works Connection, TwinAir, Fox, Shift

Kyle Bentley was a fixture on the pro racing scene for many years, first as a mechanic and then as a team manager. These days, he is running a local deli – Butch’s Grinders in Riverside, California – and loving life. We were pumped to see him at the Fall Classic series opener and took a few minutes to catch up!


This is the first time we’ve seen you at a TWMX Race Series event race in a while. Welcome back and what brought you out here today?

I’ve just been riding a lot since I retired from being team manager of RCH Racing. I’ve been doing a lot of off-road stuff and its a different kind of racing. More endurance, longer motos, and I felt that I was struggling on my sprint speed so I’m coming out here to try to work on getting faster in a shorter period of time.

My dad says you were a factory mechanic, then a team manager for many years, can you tell me about it?

I was a mechanic for 10 years and I won a couple championships with Pro Circuit with Christophe Pourcel, and a couple of regional titles. Then I was team manager of RCH Racing for 7 years and we won a 450 National championship with Ken Roczen.

What was the toughest thing about being on the pro championship series?

Just the travel, the travel is really tough because it’s strenuous on not just yourself, but your family. As I’m getting older, I have two kids now, and I want to watch them grow up to play sports and race motorcycles, so being on the road for 35 weekends isn’t going to cut it. That’s why I’m out here, that’s why I love racing and love moto, but I cannot be on the road for that long anymore.

You recently took over your family business for a change of pace, tell me about it.

I own a deli here in Riverside about 10 minutes from Milestone, it’s called Butch’s Grinders. It was my mom’s business, she ran it for about the last 36 years and she wanted to retire because she is older now, so I took it over. It’s a perfect fit for me and my family, it’s a change of pace but I enjoy it. I get to spend more time with my wife and kids so I am loving it.

How often do you try to get out to ride motocross?

I usually just race, so I don’t practice much, but that is going to change because I want to get better. I am probably going to start riding at least one or two times a week.

What made you choose your Husky, and what have you done to make it suit you?

Well, I was a mechanic for 10 years on the road and I got tired of scrubbing frames. So most of the Japanese bikes are aluminum framed and I got tired of wearing out Scotch Brite and SOS Pads. I just wanted something I could spray some Simple Green on and pressure wash off. (Laughs) Obviously, the electric start is nice too. The Husky and KTM mechanically in the rear end are stiffer than most of the Japanese bikes, so for me it was always a challenge to find a stiff enough spring on a Japanese bikes, but with a Husky or KTM I find it a lot easier to set the sag and find a heavier spring for me since I am a bigger guy.

Do you even miss the grind of being involved with a race team?

No, I don’t miss it at all. I only miss my guys. my staff members, and my riders. I really loved going into battle with those guys and trying to motivate them to accomplish their goals while being there for whatever they needed. That’s what I miss most: my guys and my riders. I do not miss the politics, I hated it.

What are your favorite tracks to ride in the area and why?

I like Milestone because I literally live 10 minutes from here. I just went down to the new Fox Raceway down at Pala on Friday and they have a really good Vet track down there too so I like that.

We try to offer a smoother run program with the TWMX race series, what do you think of our events?

I think it’s cool, it is very family oriented. There are a lot of little guys out here, it is fast pace motos with really not that much down time so I like it because it is different for me since I’m used to showing up at a set time, racing to get my hour in, and then taking off. I think so far so good and I’ll definitely come back out again.

Do you think you’ll be bringing your kids to tag along?

Oh yeah, my youngest is four and he is on a PW50 right now. He’ll be coming out for sure, he’s just a little young right now, but he’ll be out here racing too soon.