TWMX Race Series Racer Profile

Matt LeBlanc

Age: 14

Hometown: Beaux Bridge, Louisiana

Classes Raced: Schoolboy 125 Open

Sponsors: Star Racing Yamaha, Monster Energy, Thor, Bell, 100%, Alpinestars, Dunlop, and FMF

You’re a long way from home! Tell me about the motocross scene in Louisiana!

The motocross in Louisiana isn’t too big, there is a lot of bikes there, but most of it is on the street. There are many 4 tracks there and there are never this many people like out here in Cali. Growing up, there were a lot of races, just not a lot of people to battle.

You’re the newest addition to the Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha team… is this the opportunity of a lifetime?

Definitely is a big step in life, signing with a pro team at such a young age is a really good confidence booster.

The Monster Energy Cup is fast approaching. What are you doing to get ready?

Training in the gym, on the bike, and cycling.

Amateur racing is super serious these days. What’s your training regimen like?

We ride the bike four or five days out of the week, road bike two days out of the week, and then work out pretty much every day. I have to eat well. Everything just revolved around riding the bike.

Do you have any other hobbies you enjoy in your free moments if most of your time is taken up by moto?

I like to shop, play a lot of Xbox, wakeboard, and fish! I still like to have fun in between all of the training.

So you’re in town for a bit of testing and training. What sort of things do you work on with the team?

The whole bike really: suspension, motor, handlebars, and anything else we can adjust to make it better suited for me.

What is it like to work with Wil Hahn? Is he cool or is he a weenie?

Wil is a pretty big weenie, but it is pretty cool having your team manager look up to you. I think he would fit the supermini better than me.

Why do you choose to race a 125 instead of a 250F? Is it a better transition from a supermini?

It’s kind of a stepping process from going from little bikes to big bikes. I’m just starting to get used to the weight and the bigger size of the 125 right now and hopefully soon I’ll be on the 250.

What do you think of your first TWMX race series event? How is this compared to local races back home?

Definitely a lot bigger. Probably wouldn’t have half as many of these people that show up here back at home. We have practice days out in Cali that has more people than a race day back in Louisiana, so it’s a lot different out here.

What are your career goals with motocross?

To go pro and then do the best I can do for however long that’ll last. After that, just live a good life.

Who are your biggest rivals at the national level right now?

At the national level right now I would say Nate Thrasher, Jet Reynolds, Ryder DiFrancesco, and basically, everyone within the top 20 is pretty much the same speed in my class.

When you travel out to California, is it a family affair or do you fly solo?

Well, my dad almost always comes with me everywhere, and my mom, whenever she gets a chance, will come with me. As of right now, both of my parents and my brother are with me in California, so we got the whole family out for the fun.

Last question. What’s the coolest thing about being a motocross racer?

The coolest thing is that I just love this sport, I love what I do, and I really love the people in this sport. Everyone does the same thing and lives the same lifestyle. All your friends are really similar to you, so it’s really cool.