TWMX Race Series Racer Profile

Paul Kuehnel
Age: 46
Hometown: Simi Valley
Classes Raced: 40 Intermediate, Open Vet Intermediate
Sponsors: Oneal, Bell, Works Connection, X Brand Goggles

How long have you been racing and what led you to choose motocross?

I’ve been racing almost 20 years. I started late in my life but it’s a blast. I just love the challenge of trying to be perfect, lap after lap.

Do you participate in any other sports or have any hobbies?

I do off-road racing which is the same type of sport, but no I don’t have any other hobbies besides riding my street bike.

How seriously do you take your racing? Is it just for fun or do you have bigger aspirations?

Right now it’s just for fun, looking for some motivation for the upcoming TransAm Vet Classic, and then I’ll take it a little more serious. I’m the defending champ in the 40 Intermediate class!

Who is your biggest influence in your racing?

Oh, the King! Jeremy McGrath! Absolutely!

What are your favorite types of tracks and track obstacles?

My favorite track is probably Perris, ironically that’s where we are at now. Then, just jumps and rhythm sections, the challenges of hitting them correctly.

What is your favorite thing about being a motocross racer?

The camaraderie, my friends, cause I drive a long way to get to these tracks and their what brings me here. The training during the week helps me ride safely.

What would you rather do, holeshot a race and run away or come from behind to win?

Come from behind! Behind.

Tell me about your bike and why you chose it, and what have you done to make it work for you?

My bike is a Yamaha YZ 250F, I chose it because the fun factor is extreme. I’ve been riding Yamahas for a long time and I’ve got the suspension dialed in by TBT and I just love the 250F.

Is racing more fun as a Vet?


The Trans Am Vet Classic is March 23-25 at Glen Helen, do you think you will try to attend?

Yes, did you not see I beat your dad last time? I will be there!