By Chase Curtis

Riley Morgan, 17

Hometown: Menifee, CA

Sponsors: 100%, Pacific Coachworks RV, Chaparral Motorsports, Michelin Tires, ANSR

Motocross is full of individuals that race just for their pure enjoyment and love of the sport. Amongst those riders is Riley Morgan, a 17-year-old who loves the sport for the good-times it provides. Riley is a regular at the TWMX Race Series, but was absent at the last round due to bike problems. After a cracked frame and a blown transmission, the decision was made to switch bikes. Despite little time on the new bike, Riley came out to Competitive Edge and grabbed himself a pair of thirds in his first motos of Novice 250F and Schoolboy(125/250F). Unfortunately, he got a flat front tire in his second moto of the Schoolboy(125/250F) class, but still managed to earn a fifth place overall. We caught up with Riley early in the day, and discussed his first race on the new bike.

How's your day been?
Good! It's pretty windy out, but the track is amazing and so is my new bike.

You recently made the switch to a new bike, hows the transition been?
It's been awesome! I'm really pumped on how well the new bike handles, as well as how responsive it is. It's definitely the bike I've been looking for.

What caused you to switch brands?
We had a lot of problems with the last bike I was on, and it never seemed to be running right. The frame had cracked on the old bike after a few rides, which took me out of racing for a while. And then, I was out at Milestone for a TWMX race when the transmission went out in practice. After that happened, we made the decision to switch brands.

You looked pretty comfortable out there…
Yeah, the tracks pretty awesome today. I've finished third in both my first motos today, but I would like to be winning. Hopefully I can get some better starts, and place higher in my next motos.

You got pretty lucky with that last start…
Yes I did. (Laughs) I didn't get the best jump out of the gate, but someone up-front tucked their front wheel and managed to take a few other riders down. I avoided the carnage and went to the outside, in the hopes of bettering my race.

What do you like to do aside from racing motocross?
I love riding and racing mountain bikes. I don't think mountain biking is as intense as motocross, but there are a lot of kids that are crazy fast on a MTB. Other than that, I just like hanging out with my friends and being a normal kid.

Do you feel that racing mountain bikes helps you in motocross?
Big time! Mountain bike courses are full of rocks and technical sections, which really forces me to choose a solid line. Resulting from that, I am much more precise on my line choices in motocross, which ultimately benefits my performance on the track.

How often are you able to ride during the week?
I attend public school, which makes riding during the week a-bit of a struggle. I find ways to ride after school, though. With the time change, I try and go to the track every Thursday after school. I ride more during the week if I am able to, it really just depends on school work.

Have you ever considered being home-schooled?
Yes, I've thought about that quite often, but my parents insist I stay in public school. They want me to have a better social life, and that's the main reason I still attend public school.

Is there a reason behind your number?
Actually yeah, there is. I was intending on having my dads number backwards (182), but I was sent the wrong numbers when I was on 60s. I ended up liking the way 180 looked, so we have kept it since.

Why do you enjoy riding and racing your dirt bike?
I love how much fun it is. I like the adrenaline rush you get when you are going fast, or hit a big jump.