TWMX Race Series Racer Profile | Ryan Washburn

West Coast Open Rd. 1

By Chase Curtis

Ryan Washburn, 17

Hometown: Murrieta, CA

Sponsors: Langston Motorsports, Maxima, Bell, Enzo, DT1, Mika Metals

Style is one key ingredient to a successful day at the track, and Ryan Washburn seems to be well aware of that. We've all heard the saying, "if you look good, you feel good," and those of us who have experienced riding in a new gear kit know the truth behind that saying. With his dialed-in gear setups, Ryan has caught our eye at the TWMX Race Series before, and he continued to be noticed at the opening round of the 2017 West Coast Open series. Aside from the looks, the 17-year-old had a pretty solid day at the races, with earning a third place in his first moto of the Intermediate 250F class and a solid fourth overall in Schoolboy(125-250F).

How's your day been so far?
It's been pretty good so far. I had a little fall over in my first moto, but everything else has been good today!

What brings you out to round one of the West Coast Open series?
I came out here to get some racing in and prepare for the Mammoth qualifier. Spending time racing is always beneficial.

With the Rockstar logo on your shroud and the number 21, you're looking a lot like Jason Anderson out there…
Yeah! I'm just trying to be different and not have the same graphics kit that everyone else has. Who knows, maybe I'll get a little something from Rockstar (laughs).

I understand that you've done a couple bike shootouts, how helpful is that in the decision of what bike you want to ride?
Being able to ride all the new bikes is pretty awesome! I really liked the KTM this year, but I'm looking forward to riding the new Hondas.

How'd you get into the sport?
My dad used to race, so he pretty much brought me up through the sport.

As far as racing, what are your plans this year?
This year, I'm just going to get as far as I can in the "B" class and do my best. I won't be going to Loretta's this year, partially because of the lengthy drive. So, the main focus is to get fit and prepared for next year, and see what we can make out of it.

Are you enjoying your last year in the Schoolboy class?
Yeah, just trying to see what we can do in the class, and have fun with it before I'm 18.

Where do you want to take motocross?
I'd like to take it as far as I can, hopefully things fall in the right path and I can make it to the big stage.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I like to road bike and train, but I also enjoy hanging out with friends and just having a good time.

Back in the day, you had some pretty trick Hondas. How'd you manage to get those bikes to look so identical to the Factory HRC bikes?
That was a lot of time that my dad and neighbor put in on those bikes (laughs). The Hondas were fresh, I miss those bikes.

You recently acquired a new trainer, how's the new program?
Yeah, I just started training with Jay Whipple, and the guys an animal. He's pushing me hard and I've made a lot of progress, so I'm excited to see what's to come from that.

What's your weekly routine like?
I try to ride at least four days a week, usually Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Also, I road bike and go to the gym after each day I ride.

You have a pretty rad moto-van, what all went into the process of customizing it and making it different from a creep-van?
That was a lot of my dad and neighbor again (laughs). They built the whole thing, from installing the cabinets to putting in the bike stands, they did it all.

Why is there an unused practice starting gate in the van?
We just picked that up this week, so we'll be using it soon (laughs).