TWMX Race Series Racer Profile |Taylor Heiman

Age: 22

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Classes Raced: Women’s Open, 250 Beginner

Sponsors: Budget Blinds of Las Vegas, Astricks USA, Moto Seat, Nitro Moose, TBT, Pin Motorsports, GPR Stabilizer, WeBig Inc., Shipped MX

The TWMX Race Series has had a fresh new face in the Women’s Open class recently. Taylor Heiman is an accomplished off-road racer from Las Vegas, Nevada, who just started racing motocross, and she’s been killing it! If you’re an avid Supercross fan you may recognize her from her Toyota Trucks Makeup To Mud profile that aired during the Supercross broadcasts.

How often do you come out to California to ride? What's the difference in the competition?

I try to come out to California at least twice a month. I usually race GPs, so there are no moto tracks out in Nevada, so I try to come out to California to get as much practice as I can cause it’s the heart of the motocross world. The difference is we have no moto in Vegas, so I’m really just now getting into moto. This is my second race, today racing the TransWorld Moto0cross race series. The other series that I race are WORCS and AMA Big 6, and I won championships in both of those last year. So now, I’m just trying to venture out into moto.

Can you compare and contrast off-road and motocross tracing for us?

Off-road is a whole weekend long and it’s fun to go do, but you’re only riding your one race out of the whole weekend that you’re staying there and then the rest of the time you’re waiting around for something to happen. It’s a lot of money and a lot of time to go do, and then also the motos are 55 minutes long. In off-roading, there are more girls involved which I like, but with moto I really like coming out here and it’s a one-day thing. I’m a motochick, I love to jump. So I like coming out to race the TransWorld series, it’s a different vibe out here, it’s super cool. I like the one-day thing and it is definitely less expensive than racing a GP.

So this your first TWMX race series… how do you like our events thus far?

I love them! I will probably cut out GPs and race TransWorld and moto from now on  Like I said, I like being on the track and knowing what’s in front of me. I think it takes a different skill to come out here and jump the jumps and be fast at it.

With the demise of the WMX Championship at the National level, women’s racing doesn’t seem as popular as it was in the early 2000s. What inspired you to start racing?

I didn’t start racing until last year, but I started riding about five years ago and I just got into it. My younger sister introduced me to it and I took off from there. Last year I started racing GPs and racing in general because I was tired of people telling me that I couldn’t or that I wasn’t gonna do anything with it. So then I started growing an Instagram following and with now 50k on Instagram and my Supercross interview with #makeuptomud, I’ve really taken off with it.

When you're not racing on the weekends, what do you do during the week?

During the week I work and I go to school full-time. I’ll be graduating from UNLV in December. I’m working on a few side projects as an entrepreneur in marketing and communications. And of course, training…I do two-a-days.  I’ll do weightlifting in the morning and then cardio or hot pilates in the afternoon so I can condition myself to race in the heat right now, but it’s always working towards the goal.

I saw that your capstone project is on women in motocross, can you tell me a bit about your research?

It’s pretty interesting, I’m not trying to say that women should race against the guys because it’s physically impossible and we all know that. But I’m just saying if girls are out here to encourage more women to race, they should be getting more media attention, like right now at TransWorld. With women in motocross, the pro scene is a joke; they only get two or three races out of the year to be televised and that’s if they have time to televise it. It’s really just not encouraging for women to pursue their dreams and their passions in this sport. I would like to bring more media attention to the women who are actually involved in it, not exing out the men, but giving the women the spot they deserve.

So how do you feel we can get more women involved in racing?

So like last year when I started racing GPs, there about five women on the line with me and now there are about 10 to 15. I think really just giving women the media attention and reaching out to women, being that person younger women can talk to and encourage them to get on the line to even start, or even on a bike to start is the first step. Then once they’re out here, you know it is a competition, we’re racing against each other, but on and off the track you need to be civil and keep good vibes, especially keep the drama out of it. This is supposed to be fun for everyone and just really encourage the youth.

Where can we find you on social media?

You can find me on Instagram @taylor_362!