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Three years ago the Castillo family, creators of the CTi2 and Asterisk knee braces, continued their legacy of innovative motocross products with the early rendition of the AC System. The nose magnets, as they came to be known, were paired with a foam piece of material that was fastened to the bridge of MX goggles and when the two magnets connected, the airflow through the nostrils was greatly increased. Midway through their initial season with the system, the Castillos went to work on a much simpler design that could be used in many more sports. The new AC Performance System retains the same special nasal stickers that contain a small magnetic disc, but the anchor of the part is the plastic noseband that lays over the bridge of the nose and opens the nostrils. Interest in the new design has been so high that 100% partnered with AC Performance Systems to put the technology on road cycling glasses that are endorsed by world champion Peter Sagan.

But even with the interest from other forms of sport, motocross remains a major market for the AC Performance Systems and they recently put the new style into production for consumers. During a recent ride day with our test rider Mike Sleeter, we wanted to know if he could feel a difference in his breathing and athletic performance.