TWMXRS Fall Classic Profile | John Shanks

Round 4: Cahuilla Creek MX


TWMXRS Fall Classic Racer Profile

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By Chase Curtis

John Shanks, 13

Hometown: Anza, CA

Sponsors: Spy, KTM of Murrieta, Frm racing, Factory Backing, Nost suspension, No-toil

John Shanks is one of the most positive and happy kids at the TWMXRS races. The 13-year-old racer is constantly smiling and having a good time with family and friends. John is a regular at the races and has been having a blast racing his KTM 85SX. The Anza resident recently got a supermini to race, and is excited to have a little more power available on tap. The TWMX series is enlightened by the positivity and excitement from kids and racers such as John and it is thanks to people like him that make the series such a great event to attend.

You have raced the whole Fall Classic series so far, what makes you like the TWMX series so much?
I like the series a lot because it goes to really good and fun tracks. It also is always a fun time hanging out and racing with my buddies.

What classes will you be racing today?
I’ll be racing in the 12-13 85, 85 Open, and Supermini classes.

You live right down the road and come out to Cahuilla often, do you feel that gives you an advantage over other racers today?
Yes, I think I have an advantage this weekend because I ride this track almost every week.
What do you do besides racing and riding?

I like to ride bicycles and BMX and then I go to school because I am not homeschooled.


You attend public school, but do you feel that being home schooled would help your racing?
I feel like being home schooled would help my racing but then I wouldn’t have as much time with my friends at school and I probably wouldn’t learn as much.

You recently got a supermini, are you excited about racing it or a little intimidated?
I am super excited and happy to race the supermini because it is a lot faster than my 85 and handles better, but the big wheels make it hard to touch the ground. (laughs)

What bike do you like more, your supermini or your 85?
The supermini is faster but I sorta like the 85 more because I am more comfortable on it and feel faster.

What makes you like Cahuilla Creek so much?
I love the way they prep the track, and the hills and jumps make it feel more like a national than a tight supercross track.

What is your favorite part of the track today?
I really like the downhills and the uphills because I feel like I gain time on people in those sections and I like elevation changes on a track.