TWMXRS SPY Breakaway Rider | Austin Miller

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Spy Breakaway Rider | Austin Miller

By Chase Curtis
Hometown: Anza, CA
Sponsors: Lucas oil, 3tPerformance, Odi

Austin Miller is one of the most dedicated racers at the TWMX Race Series events. The 17 year old has been battling with bike issues for most of the Fall Classic races. After electrical problems on his 250 at LACR at the previous round of the Fall Classic, Austin and his dad drove two-and-a-half hours back to their house in Anza to pick up Austin’s brothers 125. After a solid couple of races at LACR, Austin returned to Cahuilla to continue racing the series still aboard his brothers 125 as his bike is still in the shop. During practice at Cahuilla, Austin blew up his brother’s 125 and the Millers searched for a bike that Austin could race. Luckily, they found another 125. Austin went out on a 125 he had never ridden and finished in a solid second place in the first 250 Novice┬ámoto. Miller continued to race hard throughout the day aboard the borrowed bike, and his┬ápure dedication to racing earned him the "Spy Breakaway Rider" award.

What is going on with your bike situation?
Well, my 250’s electrical went out and the motor was due for a rebuild so I've been racing my brothers 125. In practice today I blew up the 125, so my dad and I rushed to find a bike to race and luckily, we found another 125 to race.

Your 250s electrical went out at LACR the day before the Fall Classics previous race and you ended up racing your brother’s 125…
My brother’s bike was at home in Anza, not with us at LACR. When my 250 had problems my dad and I drove two and a half hours back home to get my brother’s 125 and came back up to LACR to race.

What classes are you racing today?
I am racing 250 Novice and Schoolboy.

Although you are now racing a 125, you continue to race the same classes you had started the series racing on your 250, why race the same classes with a disadvantage in power?
My 250 had a lot more power than the stock 125 I am now racing, but I am here for the series, not just one race. I wanted to continue racing in the same classes with the same competition despite my slight disadvantage. I feel that racing on a 125 against people on 250s is making me a more technical rider as I'm constantly in search of any part of the track I can gain a second of time against the 250s.

You are a regular at the TWMX races, what makes you want to race these races?
TWMX always has great turnouts at their races. There are always a couple pros that come out to these races and it's good to try and battle with them and hopefully learn some technique and gain some speed from watching them. It’s just a great series overall.

In the 250 Novice first moto you almost had the lead but managed to finish in second on a bike you've never ridden. How do you feel about your performance in that moto?
I pushed hard and really wanted that win so I'm going to go out and try and get that first place second moto.

You live just down the road from Cahuilla, because of that, do you feel that you have an advantage over other racers?
I actually seem to have real bad luck here at Cahuilla and I only get to ride once or twice a week, so I don’t think I have as big an advantage as some people think, but I do feel fast here.

Since you are homeschooled and only ride once or twice a week, what do you do in your free time?
Yeah, I'm on homestudies so I can have a job to support my racing. I work throughout the week to help my parents out with my bike and other racing costs.

You recently started training with Mike Craig, Have you seen any improvement in your riding and racing?
Yes, It's helped me out a lot. With only a few training sessions I already feel and see improvement in my riding.

What do you want to do with your future in motocross?
I want to become a better and more technical rider. I also want to keep pushing to the top and have fun doing it.