TWMXRS Fall Classic Racer Profile | Ezra Lewis

Round 4: Cahuilla Creek MX


TWMXRS Racer Profile

By Chase Curtis

Ezra Lewis, 16

Hometown: Orange, CA

Sponsors: Panicrev, Shine Supply, 100%, Fly Racing, Core MX, Risky Business, Dunlop, Southland Cycle, FMF, Bell Helmets

Ezra Lewis is one racer with plenty of style to share. The 16 year old has been shredding his Yamaha yz125 for the past year and just recently aquired a 250 to start racing. Ezra had an interesting experience for his first time to Loretta's as it easily was one of the most rained out events in the past years. After last years outcome at Loretta's, Ezra and his family are determined to return to the ranch this coming season. Ezra is not only stylish behind the bars but also takes advantage of the beaches along with the surf that the OC has to offer.

What brings you out to the TWMX race today?
Transworld always puts on a great race series and I wanted to come out and have some fun on a great track!

What classes will you be racing today?
I'll be racing Schoolboy on my 250 and 125 12-16 on my yz 125.

How do you like Cahuilla Creek?
Cahuilla is probably one of my favorite tracks because of the sweet sand berms and the flow of the track. I can hold my 125 pinned pretty much the whole track and it’s awesome!

What are your favorite things about your Yamaha YZ125?
I love how comfortable the chassis is; it’s real narrow, easy to turn, and move around. The bike makes the jump from superminis to big bikes a lot easier.

You recently got a 250, how has the transition to the 250 from the 125 been?
It’s a real tough transition but even though I like the 250 a lot, the 125 is still way more fun! (laughs)

How has it been training with Grindstone?

It’s been something different, I have noticed plenty of improvements and it is really fun training with such great people.


What are your racing plans this coming season?
I would like to go to Loretta’s again, Freestone, and race a complete TWMX series.

You went to Loretta’s this past year for the first time, how was the experience?
Loretta’s was a great learning experience. It was a real muddy, gnarly race but I got a lot out of it.
I learned that I need more practice in the mud for sure.  (laughs)

What do you enjoy doing other than racing and riding?
I enjoy skating and surfing and  love the beach. I also really enjoy designing graphics on Mx Simulator.