TWMXRS racer Profile | Andrew Hertzler

El Dorado Nationals Rd. 4

By Chase Curtis

Andrew Hertzler, 13

Hometown: Corona, CA

Sponsors: Metal Mulisha, AHM Factory Services, Pro Taper, EKS Brand, Mobius Braces, Alias mx, Greg Melendez Trucking, Atlas Braces, DT1 air filters, Bell, Dunlop, Gaerne

The TWMX Race Series has always attracted riders with raw talent, and Andrew Hertzler is one fine example of that. The 13-year-old displayed his expertise on a bike this weekend and grabbed a second overall in the Open Supermini class. The youngster out of Corona, California, showed off his style while holding to his consistency and smoothness on the track. After not having the best of luck at Loretta Lynns in the past, Andrew plans on continuing to race the TWMX Race Series and improve his stamina, along with his strength, before the amateur national takes place this season.

When did you start riding?
I started riding dirt bikes when I was about three years old, and it’s been a passion of mine since.

What got you into racing and riding dirt bikes?
My dad starting riding in his early 20s, so he basically passed the sport onto my sister and myself.

As far as amateur nationals, where have you competed?
Racing motocross has taken me to many parts of the country for races. I've now competed at Loretta Lynn's four years in a row, also, I've been to Mammoth, Oak Hill, and Freestone. I have not raced at Daytona or Mini-O's, but I would like to in the future.

How has Loretta Lynn's treated you?
Well, every year has been pretty tough. However, My first year I placed 13th overall in my class, which I was pretty happy with. But I feel that I've gone backward since my first year at Loretta's. During my last few trips there, I haven’t been able to think straight and I've experienced bike problems, but hopefully this year I can manage to finish in the top 10.

What are your plans for racing this year?
The main goal for the year is to compete at Loretta's again, but I would like to get stronger and faster on the bike. I'm going to work harder than I ever have, this year, and hopefully improve my mental stamina.

How long have you been racing a supermini?
I have been on the supermini for about two years now, and I really enjoy the bike. Before I made the move up, I wasn't real comfortable on the 85, but the supermini has been treating me well.

Aside from the motocross scene, what do you enjoy?
I am always out skating and hanging out with my buddies from school. I just enjoy being a kid and having fun outside of the house, but you can always count on me to be on Snapchat and Instagram. (laughs)

Are you homeschooled, or do you attend public school?
I am in eighth grade, and I go to public school. It's actually pretty cool going to school with other kids because I get to tell everyone about racing and such. One of my teacher's son races, so I often run into them at the races. It's also cool showing all the other kids how hard a sport motocross is, and how involved you have to be with the sport.

How much does racing motocross help you out with the ladies?
I'm not really working on that right now, but we'll see. (laughs)

You have a unique sponsor inMetal Mulisha, how did that sponsorship come about?
It started with my old neighbors, who were friends with the Deegans. Then, one day my dad and I went out to Perris Raceway to practice, and Brian Deegan came up to my dad asking if I would like to represent Mulisha. And it's been awesome since that day, we are all like one big family. We get to go out to the Deegan's place to ride the tracks, and they always provide food and such for us. So they really take care of us, and I'm extremely thankful for them.

How awesome are Deegan's tracks?
They're pretty fast and fun, and they have a wide variety of dirt, from hard-packed dirt to sand. They just have everything there, so it's always a good time out at the Deegan compound.

Where do you want to go with your motocross career?
Racing motocross professionally is my goal. Till the day I'm too old to raise my leg over a bike, racing is what I want to do.