By Chase Curtis

Cole Puckett, 18

Hometown: Fallbrook, CA

Sponsors: Motocutz, Panic Rev, ProTaper, Answer, Gaerne, FMF, Vonzipper, Ride Engineering, DT1 Filters, Thousand Oaks

The TWMXRS brought back an old stop for the 2017 Terra Firma series, which seemed to bring some new faces into the event. With the returned stop at Pala Raceway, we were faced with some new talent from the "locals," among those riders was the Fallbrook resident Cole Puckett. The 18-year old is not new to the TWMXRS, but certainly hasn’t been seen in quite sometime due to an injury. Despite his absence from racing in the past year, Cole turned some heads as his finished his day off with an impressive second place overall in the Intermediate 450F class.

What brings you out to the track today?

The track is pretty close to my house and I knew the prep was going to be great. Overall, I haven’t raced in a while so I've been wanting to get back out here and have some fun.

You were off the bike for quite some time…

Yeah. In May of 2016, I pretty much exploded everything in my knee. I had surgery in October 2016, and unfortunately wasn’t able to ride until June. It feels real good to be back.

You are now an adult, do you feel any older?

Nope, same old me (laughs).

You first caught my attention on the track due to your height, how tall are you? 

I haven’t measured in a while, but I'd say I’m around 6'5.

Does your height help you on the bike a lot?

There are definitely spots that I feel it helps, but on the other hand there are a lot of sections where I feel it hurts me, such as tight corners. Overall, it's up and down (laughs).

Why are you racing a 450, rather than a 250?

I actually haven’t ridden a 250 since 2016. The 450 makes it a lot easier to compete with my height and weight.

What's your plan for racing next year?

Next year will be my first full year if "B" class, since I got hurt. With that, I'll try and hit all the big races but I will be in school. So, we will see what happens.

Where are you going to school?

I will be attending Cal State San Marcos. I'm not sure what I want to do yet, so I'm just going and hoping to figure it out. I'll be knocking off the classes and the credits.

What's your favorite track-snack?

You can never go wrong with trail-mix.

Aside from racing and riding, what do you enjoy doing?

I don’t enjoy school, but that will be the majority of my life soon (laughs). I have fun ripping ski's out at Canyon Lake with the boys, and love spending time with my girlfriend, Ashley.