TWMXRS Racer Profile | Colin Shiner

El Dorado Nationals Rd. 4

By Chase Curtis

Collin Shiner, 19

Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA

Sponsors: Team 3BR, MagikSC, Core MX, DSC Construction, Fly Racing, Mom and Dad

To be a successful racer, motocross takes plenty dedication, training and work on the bike. However, because of work and school, not everyone has the opportunity to ride and train as often as they would like. Collin Shiner was a well-known intermediate racer in previous years, but now the 19-year-old has experienced the beginning of growing up, as he now attends school and works during the week. Collin is no longer able to ride and train everyday since his week is mostly taken up by work and school. Despite the disadvantage of not riding often, nor training, the Yorba Linda resident has recently moved up to the Pro class and is enjoying racing for fun with no pressure from people supporting him. After not riding in three weeks, Collin came out to the TWMXRS at Milestone and earned a third overall in the Pro 450F class.

You haven't ridden in a while…
Yeah, It's been three weeks since I last rode. I broke some spokes in my rear wheel, and it took a while to get them, so I really haven't been able to ride.

Where do you work?
I work for a termite control company out of Corona, California. We treat and fill damaged wood on houses, that are eaten out by termites.

Does working also play a role in how little you are able to ride?
Yeah for sure. Growing up sucks (laughs). It's nice in some ways, though, I look forward to riding a lot more than I did when I was racing every weekend. I used to ride every day, which started to get repetitive, but now I truly enjoy the days I am able to ride because of how limited they are.

What is your work and school schedule?
I go to school Monday and Wednesday, from eight in the morning till three in the afternoon. And on those school days, I have to do homework when I get home. I also work Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, so it's a pretty busy week. I live for the weekends, as those are the times I get to hang out with the boys. (laughs)

What do you enjoy, aside from riding and racing?
I have opened my eyes to a bunch of sports that I really enjoy, like surfing and snowboarding. I surf a lot with my buddy Justin, and it's been really fun. Also, I picked up snowboarding at the beginning of the year, and I've just been shredding (laughs). Motocross isn't everything to me, I enjoy it a lot and have fun with it, but It's nice to get away from the sport.

How long have you been racing in the Pro class?
I just started racing in the pro class a few races ago, I believe this is my third race lined up against the other "A" class guys.

How has the move up to Pro class been?
These guys are a lot knurlier. The intermediate class is fast, but everyone starts to fade towards the end of the race, where the pro guys just keep on the throttle and continue charging. It's definitely more intense and tougher than the intermediate class, especially when you can't ride every day. Most the guys in the pro class are out there, every week, training and riding, and I'm just going out to have some fun.

Compared to other racers, you have a lot of disadvantages racing in the pro class….
Yeah (laughs). Most the guys in the pro class are racing modified bikes, but I'm out there on a stocker. I work and go to school during the week, so I really don't have time to ride or train anymore. It does put a smile on my face when I am able to beat the guys fortunate enough to ride every day. I have a lot less pressure racing now, where as before I had sponsors watching and knew I had to go out and do well. Now I have some people that are helping me out, but they know my schedule and know that I just do my best and have fun with it.

When's the last time you trained?
I haven't really trained since Loretta Lynns two years ago. (laughs) I qualified for Loretta’s last year in 450-B and college boy, but approaching the national, I had only ridden about two times a month. I actually trained the day before I flew out to Loretta’s, and ran three miles in a jacket. (laughs) Surfing helps out a lot with your cardio and body strength, but that's pretty much all I do now, no gym for me.

What are your plans involving racing this year?
Honestly, I am going to do whatever I can. I try and go to any race my team attends, as long as I can work around my work schedule. My boss is pretty cool with everything because his son races as well. I would like to go to Loretta Lynns again this year and race in the "A" class, just to say I did it. Other than that, I want to come out to local races, like the TWMXRS, and try to make some money, while having a good time. I just want to have fun with it this year.

What got you into riding?
My best-friend, while growing up, rode dirt bikes. One day, my dad took me out to a field to ride my buddies bike, and he saw I had an interest in motocross, so he bought me a bike for my birthday. I've been having fun and loved it since then.