TWMXRS Spy Breakaway Rider | Matthew Cerami

Rd. 6 Fall Classic Glen Helen


By Chase Curtis

Spy Breakaway Rider | Matthew Cerami

Age: 20

Hometown: Chino Hills, CA

Sponsors: Gasper Transportation, Fasthouse, Maxima

Matthew Cerami has been regularly proving himself, along with his machine, at the TWMXRS this year. The 20-year-old was racing his TM MX 300 two-stroke in the "B" classes, but after an "A" class mixup and a fair performance, Matthew decided to make the move up to the pro classes, mid-series. Experiencing Matthew battle in the "A" class aboard his two-stroke is thrilling. After a parts mix-up the day before round 6 of the Fall Classic, Matthew had no choice but to race a borrowed TM MX 250 two-stroke, instead of his regularly raced 300. Cerami lined up aboard his less-powerful loaner bike and earned a second-place finish in the 250 Pro class. For his commitment and effort to race, Matthew Cerami was awarded with the "SPY Breakaway Rider" award.


What got you into motocross?
It all started with my neighbor, one day I came home to see a Yamaha PW50 and a pair of boots sitting in front of my neighbor’s house, for sale. My parents ended up buying the bike and I began riding at the age of four.

What makes racing the two-stroke so much fun?
Riding the two-stroke is so different and foreign to me, but I love it. There are so many easy adjustments you can make to the bike that really make it unique, the bike is so fun to ride and just as fun to work on.

Is there any significance behind your number?
I signed up for one of my first races and was assigned 140 as my number. I haven't changed it since then, I guess it's part of me now (laughs).


What makes you come out to the TWMX races?
The races are always well organized and a great time. It's very hard to not have a good time at the TWMX races.

You've been racing a TM, which is pretty rare…
Yeah, I've been test riding the bikes for my buddy, who is their importer. He takes real good care of the bikes and has really been helping me out.

What's your favorite thing about the TM?
It's hard to pick out one specific feature, due to my lack of experience on two-strokes, but I love how precise the bike is. The TMs all look so trick thanks to the many unique parts and designs they are equipped with. I've really been loving the TM.


You're racing a different TM than usual this weekend….
Yeah, I goofed up yesterday and put the wrong exhaust on my bike, thinking it would work. I've been racing a 300 two-stroke, and I thought a 250 two-stroke pipe would work on it…it didn't (laughs). So now I'm racing a loaner TM 250 two-stroke.

You switched from "B" class to "A" class mid-series, what brought about that decision?
It was actually an accident (laughs). My friend signed me up in the wrong class one round, so I just decided to continue to race in pro.

I hear you're a desk jockey….
Yeah, I work at's storefront. If you call in, I'll more than likely be the guy answering the phone. I work Monday through Friday, so call in (laughs).

What do you do besides moto?
I love racing and riding mountain bikes, It's nice being able to come home from work and go cycle, since I can’t moto.