Glen Helen Raceway

Transworld is stoked to be visiting the world famous Glen Helen Raceway this Sunday August 20th for the fourth round of the Terra Firma Series.  Glen Helen is a facility known for it’s huge natural elevations and super rough track.  The two track format of TWMXRS utilizes the National Track for more experienced riders and the REM Track for our entry level riders which recently received a face lift and a update to the layout.  Due to the Glen Helen schedule there are some details on the weekend that we want to share with you.

Save $5 per class and pre register before 8am Saturday Aug 19th – CLICK HERE


Gates Open 7am – 9am

MX Practice on the National Track 8am – 2pm

Amateur Track Race practice on the REM tentatively 3pm – 5pm (Free with paid admission, No prep after REM racing)

Admission $10 per person / Children 6-12 = $5 (Good for the weekend)

Camping $10


Gates open at 6am

Race Registration opens at 6:30am

Practice starts at 8am on both tracks.

Have you ever wondered which classes race on which track?  Check out the info below for a full list!  We have a class for every rider and the two track format gets trophies in riders hands starting at around 1pm.

List of classes per track:

Amateur Track / REM

25+ Beginner

25+ Amateur

Open 25+(Beg/AM)

30+ Beginner

30+ Amateur

40+ Beginner

40+ Amateur

50+ Beginner

50+ Amateur

60+ Amateur

Women Beginner

PW/XR50 Intro 4-8yrs (Yam/Hon)

Pee Wee Starter 4-8yrs (KTM/Cobra)

Pee Wee Beginner 4-6yrs

Pee Wee Beginner 7-8yrs

Pee Wee Open Beginner

Pee Wee 4-6 years

Pee Wee 7-8 years

Pee Wee Open (no Beginners)

Beginner 65cc (no Pee Wee)

Amateur 65cc

Open 65cc (Beg/Amt)

Intro-Beg 85/150F

Beginner 85/150F

Open 85/150F Beginner

Intro-Beg 125-450F (racing 1 year or less)

Beginner 250F

Beginner 450

Open 125-450F (Beg)



Expert Track / National

25+ Novice

25+ Intermediate

30+ Novice

30+ Intermediate

30+ Pro

40+ Novice

40+ Intermediate

50+ Novice

50+ Expert

60+ Expert

Vet Novice Open

Vet Intermediate Open

Vet Expert Open

Women Open

0-8 years 65cc

9-11 years 65cc

Open 65cc (no Beginners)

Novice 85/150F

0-11 years 85/150F

12-13 years 85/150F

14-16 years 85/150F

Open 85-150F/Supermini

Big Wheel Open 85/150F

125cc Open

Boyesen 2-Stroke Open

Sportsman Nov 125-450F (no Schoolboy or Open Non Pro) 2nd class would be 450 Nov

Novice 250F (no Sportsman Nov 125-450F)

Novice 450F

Intermediate 250F

Intermediate 450F

School Boy (125/250F thru 17 yrs)

Open Non-Pro

Pro 250F

Pro 450

Pro Open (125-450)