Two Minutes With Michael Byrne

Michael Byrne

Michael Byrne’s career has taken a turn since the 2012 event at Unadilla. That day, the likeable Australian was in pursuit of his first career 450 moto win while aboard a BTO Sports Suzuki until a mistake in Unadilla’s lane of rollers resulted in a broken lower leg. Complications came after the injury, but didn’t keep Byrne from lining up again in 2013, only to see another injury at the same track ruin the progress made.

A few odd jobs kept Byrne at the races nearly every weekend in 2014, including an advisor role at BTO Sports KTM and as test rider for Mike Alessi’s Smartop/MotoConcepts MCR450 ride and Ohlins Suspension, but there seemed to be little chance of him lining up for a moto. With each passing week, questions of a possible retirement came up, but word in the pit was that the veteran was not going down without at least one last race. These rumors proved to be truthful when friend Chad Reed opened a spot under the Discount Tire/TwoTwo Motorsports tent at Unadilla, complete with a black frame KX450F.

After the races, we spoke with Byrne for “How Was Your Weekend?” but kept the camera running to hear more about the race and if we will see him on the line for another race this year. At the time, he seemed hesitant about racing again, but changed his mind in time to sign up for this weekend’s action in Indiana.

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Two Minutes With Michael Byrne