Unadilla MX and the Legends and Heroes of Motocross Tour Partner for MX Rewind

New Berlin, New York – (January 31, 2012): Legends and Heroes of Motocross, the nationally acclaimed traveling motocross museum is teaming up with Unadilla MX as an event sponsor and contributing partner for the inaugural MX Rewind on June 1-3, 2012. The tour, which is currently making stops at each of the Monster Energy AMA/FIM World Supercross events, will also be in attendance at MX Rewind.

With three full days of entertainment scheduled, MX Rewind will host entertainment for every type of two wheel fan, including vintage racing, a massive swap meet, a vintage motorcycle show, plenty of bench racing with popular past legends, pit bike races, and much more. Returning to the days of old, fans can also camp out on the scenic Unadilla hillsides, but without the onsite courthouse.

“We are really pleased with the way MX Rewind is coming together,” said Unadilla’s Greg Robinson. “The feedback we have received so far has been fantastic. Unadilla is a natural setting for this type of event. Racing has a long and storied history on our hills and we are honored to be bringing this celebration to life. It really will be a cool look back and a fun weekend of motocross racing history.”

“We are ecstatic to be a part of this epic event. “Dilla” has always been a part of our racing DNA. It was there in the early 70’s we saw the Euro’s arrive to dominate us in the young sport of Motocross. Reminiscing about races like that and celebrating out great moto history is what MX Rewind is all about. It is a fantastic opportunity to bring the moto community together at a premier off road vintage festival. The Legends and Heroes of Motocross Tour is pleased to be a part of this program and we look forward to working with the Robinson Family in building the largest premier vintage-fest on the east coast.” Said Alex Moroz, general managing partner for the Legends and Heroes of Motocross Tour.

MX Rewind is scheduled for June 1-3 in New Berlin, New York. For more information, please visit www.unadillamx.com for up to date schedules, tickets and camping information.

About the Tour: The Legends & Heroes Motocross Tour is a professional historical display and time-line of America’s greatest motorsport. The tour includes the machines and the champs of Motocross. The project was conceived by a dedicated group of Motocross Enthusiasts who, over the years, have discovered the value of the rich 40+ years of Motocross legacy and its impact on the American motorsports history. “The dedication and passion of the sport has brought the Legends & Heroes Motocross Tour to the next level of sharing this legacy, the history of the machines and men, as well as the women of Motocross. The history of the Classic Iron and its’ champions is a dynamic model ever changing. We see this rich history as a great learning lab for all ages” according to Alex Moroz the tours managing partner.

About Unadilla MX: Unadilla MX began promoting Motocross races at its current facility in New Berlin, NY in 1969. Run by the Robinson Family since its inception, Unadilla hosted the “Inter Am”, Trans Am, Trans USA, and began hosting the 250cc U.S. Grand Prix in 1978. It was the first track in the U.S. to host the prestigious MX des Nations in 1987, and has been a stop on the American Pro National MX circuit since 1992. All historically significant MX riders in the world have strapped on the leather and kicked the lever at Unadilla.