Universal Samson Bed Rack Still Holding Strong

Huntington Beach, CA – When we introduced it six years ago, the Samson Bed Rack from Universal was among the first wheel chock/tie-down devices available for hauling motorcycles in pick-up trucks, trailers, and cargo vans. Although me-too designs have entered the market since then, no competing design offers lightness, ease of assembly, clean looks, and the affordable price of the Samson Bed Rack. Motorcycle dealers love the Samson Bed Rack because it fits a broad range of different vehicles with no special adapters, components or extra hardware required. Riders love it because it works.

To keep it light, the Samson Bed Rack is constructed of TIG welded and heat-treated 6061 aluminum tubing. Because it’s made of aluminum, the Samson Bed Rack simply will not rust. The Samson Bed Rack lives up to its Universal name by fitting nearly every pick-up truck from lowered mini’s to box vans and 4×4’s. This is possible because the Universal Samson Bed Rack has twin telescopic arms. Simply extend both telescopic arms to the correct width of your truck bed, mark and drill the three mounting holes, insert and tighten down the forged steel eyelets and you’re in business. Once installed, the Samson bed rack makes loading and securing dirt bikes super easy. The rack features two extruded alloy wheel chocks and three eyelets for safe, secure hauling. Retail price on this unit is $120.

Key Features:

Alloy Construction

Forged and powdercoated steel eyelets

Nyloc mounting hardware

Painted finish available in white or black

Telescopic design fits most truck beds

MSRP: $120.00

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