Update on Matt Dowell

Matt had a hard crash at Glen Helen on Sunday. He was unconscious for 10 minutes. He was air lifted to Loma Linda University Hospital and remains in critical condition in the trauma Intensive Care Unit. He has a serious head injury and remains in what the doctors call “decreased level of consciousness” with swelling to his brain. He is not awake yet. The doctors are going to wait until tomorrow (72 hours from injury) to make any decisions on the next steps to take.

He has no broken bones that have been discovered yet but is pretty beat up all over his body. Apparently he crashed at the top of one of the big hills and tumbled to the bottom. His spine is in great shape and he is breathing on his own.

There are no visitors allowed at this time in the ICU aside from immediate family. Matty’s Mom and Dad, (Gail & Phil) and brother Phil are there as well as his girlfriend, Katie McGuire. For now, he needs rest and no outside interruptions.

We will keep you updated as we get more information.

Here is the hospital information if you would like to send a card:

Loma Linda University Medical Center
11334 Anderson St.
Loma Linda, Ca 92354
ICU 8100 Room 9

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