Valkenswaard, Netherlands April 6, 2008

In deep and difficult conditions Molson Kawasaki teamsters Stephen Sword, Gautier Paulin and Tom Church all score points at Valkenswaard GP season opener.
With Gareth Swanepoel recovering from a recent wrist operation it’s up to his team-mates Stephen Sword and Gautier Paulin to represent the team in the MX2 class while Tom Church represented the Molson outfit in MX1. All three Molson team riders qualified for Sunday’s point’s paying races with Sword finishing ninth in his heat, Paulin 12th in his and Church 26th in the timed MX1 session.
Race 1 of the weekend proved tough for MX2 riders Sword and Paulin finishing at the back of the pack in tough conditions. Sword finishing 27th and Paulin finishing 22nd meant that the two Molson Kawasaki riders needed to step it up for race two in order to score some valuable championship points.
Mirroring his team-mates’ non-scoring performances in moto one, the Molson team’s MX1 rider Tom Church realised that an improvement must be made before race two. After spending plenty of time scouting for lines between races Church put together what was probably his best ride of the season so far to finish 15th.
Race two for the MX2 riders Sword and Paulin didn’t go as well as panned but they salvaged some points for the GP season. Sword finishing 7th puts his points up to 14 which sets him 12th in the overall points standings.Paulin recovering from a crash in race 1 pushed his way up to 15th in race two and grabbed 6 points to put him 19th in overall points standings. For more info on how the Molson crew is doing you can visit or stay tuned for more information from us here at Olkom Graphics.