Verasty Clothing: Action Sports’ New Apparel Line and Athlete Program Launch

Southern California (January 5th, 2012) Verasty Clothing is a new company in the active lifestyle and action sports apparel industry. Our company is made up of business professionals, former motocross athletes and fans of the action sports lifestyle who came together to create a high quality brand that appeals to the entire action sports' community.  Verasty Clothing prides itself on its quality and style–setting itself apart from the rest of the industry and supplying the best products for all our customers.

Verasty will be bringing only our best products to the action sports community.  All of our shirts have screen printed labels–no more annoying tag in the back.  We use the most comfortable fabric we can find for our apparel; while at the same time standing out from the crowd with our edgy designs utilizing vibrant colors and style.

Verasty Clothing will be looking to sponsor athletes in the future to represent our brand.  Being former athletes, we understand the importance of sponsorships and working with the community.  We want to develop bonds and help athletes grow to become the best in the world.  Verasty Clothing is just getting started; stick with us and we promise to be one of the best apparel companies in the action sports industry.

For additional information on Verasty Clothing as well as sponsorship, please visit our site at  You can follow us on Twitter @verastyclothing and Facebook at