We All Ride LA Race Report

LA Supercross – January 21, 2012.
As many wandered into Dodger Stadium on Saturday, many were wondering
what the night would entail for them? Would we have a mud bowl race?
Would Villopoto run away with another race win? From our view at We All
Ride Clothing, we were excited to see how our boys from MotoConcepts
would do. The night before the Alessi brothers shared laughs at the Del
Amo signing and even gave out over 100 free We All Ride t-shirts and was
the only team to do so! On Saturday, as the track workers frantically
worked on getting track dried up for the night show, #59 Vince Friese
did everything he could to try and feel better from the flu bug he had
been battling all week. #801 Cool cat Jeff Alessi worked on his poker
game before the race to calm his nerves as he was ready to make the main
event and show everyone his brother isn’t the only Alessi with some
speed. The #800 hole shot king Mike Alessi was ready for work as usual
and was strictly all business.

In the first heat #59 Vince Friese jumped out to a great start and
would battle with some of the premier racers of the lites class. Vince
had a solid finish and secured a spot in the main event. In the main
event again, Vince jumped out early to a solid start but as he battled
the flu bug, his stamina was just not there for a 15 lap moto. He
finished up in 13th overall for the evening and currently stands 15th in
the points series. We have high expectations for Vince next weekend in

As we moved toward the “Big Boy” class first up was #800 Mike Alessi.
Mike used a signature holeshot to jump out front and only got passed by
two time champ James Stewart. Mike held off the likes of Chad Reed, Ivan
Tedesco and Andrew Short to hold onto a second place finish in his heat
race! Mike was feeling good and excited for the main event. After the
restart in the Main Event Mike jumped early and ran into his gate
getting tied up with the gate leaving him in dead last. Mike worked his
way up to salvage a 10 place overall finish and gain some valuable
points! He currently stands tied for 10th place in points!

#801 Jeff Alessi did not have as good as luck as his brother. His heat
race went okay but with such stacked field he finished in 17th. But
“Cool Cat” Jeff didnt let that get his spirits down and was ready to win
the LCQ. Jeff was up to the front pack right away in the LCQ and as he
was doubling into a corner, he got pitched over the bars slamming him
into the corner. The same corner that claimed European champ Marvin
Musquin! Jeff is healing up and hopes to start chipping away in Oakland.

The night was not about the MotoConcepts team or We All Ride or any
other team that night. It was about the two riders who were seriously
injured #41 Trey Canard and #65 Ryan Morais. We All Ride sends our
thoughts and prayers to their families and pray for a speedy recovery!

We All Ride hopes to see you all in Oakland! Get ready for Round 2 of
Ami & Jamie’s Motocross adventures!