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AutoTrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki’s Weston Peick suffered serious injuries in a crash at the November 17 Paris Supercross in Paris La Defense Arena, when he crashed at the start of the main event and was landed on by another racer. Peick suffered nearly a dozen facial fractures, as well as a double jaw dislocation. He remains in a French hospital and was joined by his father Louie and his fiancee Kelly Celand.

Peick has undergone at least four extensive surgeries to repair the damage. Today, we received an update text from his father, Louie.

“It was a good day. Weston walked up and down the hallway, did some stretching and took a poop. They have all the wires and IV out. Just the feeding tube and tracheostomy (trach) tube are still in, but they will hopefully be removed tomorrow. He’s also in a regular room now. This is all great news.”

Road 2 Recovery has established a page to receive donations to help offset Peick’s massive medical expenses. You can find that HERE.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 30TH | Another message from Louie Peick brings even more good news, as Weston is now slated for release from the hospital next week.

“More great news, trach and feeding tube comes out tomorrow. Monday they do last check-ups and then he gets released to come home. We will fly home Tuesday. Then it's to the eye specialist and then later nose reconstructive surgery. Still a ways to go, but heading in the right direction.”

UPDATE DECEMBER 3RD | As we posted last week, Peick underwent his final rounds of surgery over the weekend and is now clear to return to the United States after more than two weeks in a French hospital. On Sunday morning Peick’s family put out the first official update on his Instagram page, which includes a recap of the injuries, the procedures, and a collection of images of his face from the hospital bed. Peick will fly back to the United States on Tuesday and begin consultations with doctors to continue the recovery.