Wey Moves Up in Series Points

Seattle, WA – MDK KTM Factory rider Nick Wey moved up one position into 9th place in overall series points at the 16th round of the AMA Supercross Series at Qwest Field.

Wey, who pulled the holeshot in last week’s heat, repeated that start this weekend when he got a great jump and quickly pulled out front in the start of Supercross Heat #2. Unfortunately, he made an early mistake which allowed two riders to pass him pushing him back into third. He battled with Josh Hill for the remainder of the moto losing 3rd to Hill on the last lap which placed him 4th overall in his heat.

In the main event, Wey managed a respectable 9th place start. On the second lap he moved up one position into 8th. One lap later he passed David Vuillemin for 7th. By lap six, he had caught up within a bike length of the 6th place ride of Heath Voss. On this same lap the series point’s leader, Chad Reed, caught and passed Wey which set him back to 8th. It would only take one more lap before Wey moved back up into 7th by making the pass on Voss. Near the end of the moto Wey bobbled which allowed Josh Hill to pass. This put Wey into 8th position where he would finish for the night. His 8th place result moved him into 9th overall in series points.

Wey’s teammate, Justin Brayton, showed up in Seattle to compete in the West Lites Supercross class. Brayton got a decent start in his heat rounding the first turn in 4th. By the end of the second lap he moved into 3rd where he stayed to easily qualify into the main event.

Brayton started well in the main event coming around the first lap in 3rd. He soon passed for 2nd and was holding his pace until he made a mistake that caused him to run off the track and dropped him back into 3rd. A couple turns later Broc Hepler made a block pass on Brayton that allowed Brett Metcalfe and himself to pass. Brayton now found himself in 5th. He stayed close to the riders ahead trying to find ways to gain speed and move closer. Unfortunately, near the end, he made one more mistake that allowed Tommy Hahn to pass. Brayton now sat in 6th position where he would finish his night. His 6th place finish moved him to 6th overall for the season.

Next Event: Las Vegas Supercross – May 3. 2008

Supercross Class Results:
1. Kevin Windham
2. Chad Reed
3. Andrew Short
4. Davy Millsaps
5. Tim Ferry
6. Josh Grant
7. Josh Hill
8. Nick Wey – KTM
9. David Vuillemin
10. Heath Voss

Overall Series Points – Supercross Class:
1. Chad Reed – 340
2. Kevin Windham – 330
3. Davy Millsaps – 262
4. Andrew Short – 261
5. Josh Hill – 210
6. Tim Ferry – 206
7. Nathan Ramsey – 173
8. David Vuillemin – 158
9. Nick Wey – 144
10. Paul Carpenter – 136

West Supercross Lites Results:
1. Ryan Dungey
2. Jason Lawrence
3. Broc Hepler
4. Austin Stroupe
5. Tommy Hahn
6. Justin Brayton – KTM
7. Brett Metcalfe
8. Kyle Cunningham
9. Michael Willard
10. Justin Keeney

Overall Series Points – West Supercross Lites:
1. Jason Lawrence – 157
2. Ryan Dungey – 154
3. Austin Stroupe – 131
4. Brett Metcalfe – 126
5. Tommy Hahn – 117
6. Justin Brayton – 100
7. Dan Reardon – 95
8. Broc Hepler – 79
9. Wil Hahn – 73
10. p; Bobby Kiniry – 72