Wilson/Osborne/Matthes/Friese On DMXS Radio Tonight

Pro Circuit's Dean Wilson has certainly made the best out of the season after a few disappointing finishes all but crushed his 250SX title hopes. Deano was well aware of the high visibility and pressure that come along with filling in on the popular TwoTwo ride, but he accepted the challenge and gained some valuable experience along the way.  We will catch up with our favorite Scottish-born rider while he awaits the final SX round of the season to head back west.

GEICO's Zach Osborne has returned to racing after injuring his shoulder in a qualifying practice crash at Anaheim 3.  Zach scored two consecutive podiums to start the season and had the speed to contend this year, but we all know a rider cannot afford to have a bad race or setback in the relatively short 250SX series and hope to battle for a title.  We always look forward to bench racing with our southern neighbor and will do so after Zach finishes up a mountain bike race tonight.

Steve Matthes is the overlord of all things PulpMX and continues to pump out quality moto content every week for his empire and Racer X, too. We normally wouldn't bother him during the NHL Playoffs, but his beloved Maple Leafs missed the dance so he has some free time before flying out to the race this weekend. (Disclaimer: My NJ Devils aren't dancing either)

Vince Friese is a very polarizing figure in our sport and he couldn't care less.  Unfortunately, his reputation often takes away from his impressive on-track results and rarely gets the headlines his confrontations do.  I can just imagine that parents use him as the villain with their small children and tell them to behave or Vince will come by and t-bone them in their Barbie Jeep.  We'll give the fans another opportunity to get to know the rider behind the legend.

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