Windham, Millsaps, Langston, Anderson on DMXS Radio Tonight

We've been fortunate enough to cover Kevin Windham throughout most of his professional career and certainly share the love and respect he's earned at every level within the sport, and among his legions of adoring fans. The bittersweet announcement of his retirement was like quickly ripping off of a band-aid, but eventually made it easier to accept and understand when he outlined the reasons for his decision. We always enjoy catching up with our favorite Cajun, and even more so tonight.

Rockstar Energy's Davi Millsaps is still running the red plate after four rounds so all the talk of his impressive win at Anaheim 1 being a fluke should be silenced. The 4.0 version of Davi is legit and his entire program is a testament to that. He looks at home on yellow, but more importantly, the intensity and fire is back. We'll check in with our southern brother as the series heads back to Anaheim for the third time.

Grant Langston certainly knows what it takes to succeed in this sport with a world championship and multiple AMA titles on his impressive resume. The loveable South African transplant has stayed involved in the sport since retiring and now finds himself in the booth announcing the exciting Amsoil Arenacross series, featuring Ricky Carmichael's Road to Supercross. Grant knows all too well about the difficult transition to supercross and the specific challenges it presents. We'll catch up with the Zulu warrior to discuss that and the bar-to-bar racing so far this season. Check out for the schedule and all the information you'll need to know on the restructured series that will play an important role in the future of our sport.

Rockstar Energy's Jason Anderson is looking to add some consistency to an already hectic year and his solid podium in Oakland was a great place to start. Jason has made solid gains as a pro after a rough rookie year and fans are starting to see the talent and potential we all saw in his stellar amateur career. He's a great kid that know will continue to live up to that potential even if Jason Weignadt has all but given up on him.

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