WMR/Nihilo Concepts Teamwork Domination at Mini O’s

WMR/Nihilo Concepts Teamwork Domination at Mini O’s

WMR and Nihilo Concepts was on hand at the 2012 Winter National Mini Olympics, held at Gatorback Cyclepark in Gainesville, Florida for team trackside support during Thanksgiving week.

It was all about teamwork this past week for Team WMR/Nihilo Concepts. This really being shown in the final 85cc 9-11 mod SX main between Brock Papi and Jordan Bailey. Papi was in the lead and in the last corner before the finish line, Papi’s bike expired not allowing him to roll over the finish line. Papi was able to cross the line in time before Bailey finished but not without Bailey turning around after the finish and helping his fellow teammate over the finish line.

The amazing teamwork awarded Jordan Bailey with the Asterisk’s Ironman/Sportsmanship Award

WMR/Nihilo Concepts team sponsored riders dominated all classes entered, winning 6 titles and numerous top 5s.

Jordan Bailey- 1st SX 85cc 9-11 stock

Jordan Bailey- 2nd- SX 85cc 9-11 mod

Brock Papi- 2nd- SX 85cc 9-11 stock

Brock Papi- 1st- SX 85cc 9-11 mod

Jordan Bailey- 1st- MX 9-11 stock

Jordan Bailey- 1st MX 9-11 mod

Brock Papi- 2nd MX 9-11 stock

Brock Papi- 3rd MX 9-11 mod

Enzo Lopes- 1st MX 85cc 12-15 stock

Enzo Lopes- 1st MX 85cc 12-13 stock

Challen Tennant- 2nd MX 85cc supermini 2

Plus 3 other wins and many top 5s from Nihilo Concepts sponsored riders.

Team WMR /Nihilo Concepts is supported by: KTM, FMF, Orange Brigade, KTM Powerparts, KTM Powerwear, Motion Pro, Spectro Oils, One Industries, HBD Motographix, Dunlop Tires, FLY Racing, 100%, Renthal, Thor, DT1 Air Filters, ODI Grips, Champion Tool Storage, and Dubya Wheels.

For further team information, visit our official websites at:

About WMR Competition Performance: WMR Competition Performance has become Florida’s premier race shop. Since 1994 WMR has been building and racing the fastest dirt bikes in the country. With a true passion and knowledge of the sport, WMR is able to offer everything the serious racer needs under one roof. We carry the complete line of new KTM’s as well as Motocross Gear, Parts and Accessories.

About Nihilo Concepts: “Nihilo” comes from the Latin word “Ex-Nihilo” meaning “something out of nothing”. Nihilo Concepts creates products from a raw piece of aluminum- Something out of nothing. Nihilo Concepts produces billet performance products for KTM’s and other makes. Our main focus has been on KTM performance parts for the KTM mini bike line. Most of which can be found on KTM’s SXS line of bikes.