X Games – Moto X Freestyle

Along with the racing was a creative freestyle course that was slightly smaller than last year’s behemoth. Utilizing several possible wall rides plus a narrow “rainbow” style obstacle, riders found plenty of options for creativity. During the elimination rounds one of the many names people expected to make it through to the final was Robbie Maddison after his recent X Fighters win in Madrid. However the body varial he used to win in Spain came back to bite him during today’s qualifying. While attempting to pull the maneuver off over a steep kicker, Maddo miss his rotation and came down hard. While he was able to get back up, the crash effectively dropped him out of the final. Other riders to show some heart but who were also eliminated were Adam Jones, Rob Adelberg, and Danny Torres.

Moto X Freestyle Final

The competition was whittled down to four finalist, newcomer Levi Sherwood, Swiss ace Mat Rebeaud, multi-time medalist Nate Adams, and returning freestyle phenom Travis Pastrana.

Adams impressed with his big 360s, while Rebeaud seemed reinvigorated after his recent podium finish at the Red Bull X Fighters. But try as they might, they did not have what was needed to hang with Nate and Pastrana.

Sherwood showed the his is one of the most exciting riders to hit the freestyle scene in quite some time with his big extension back flip combos. But it was Pastrana who showed the most flavor, attacking the course much as he did in his racing days, and using some very creative lines, dramatically integrating the wall ride by nearly reaching the top, and pulling backflips off of obstacles that could barely be described as jumps. To top things off, after knowing he had already won the final before his last run, Pastrana pumped up the crowd before pulling an unexpected double backflip.

Whether he chooses to continue competing or not, it is good to see the Travis back in action and doing what he first became known for.


Gold - Travis Pastrana

Silver - Levi Sherwood

Bronze - Nate Adams

4) Mat Rebeaud