Zenedge Premium Energy Drink looks to expand Rider Support Program

Zenedge Inc is happy to announce its working partnership with MXSponsor.com  to exclusively offer riders support opportunities with there premium energy drink through there system. Zenedge inc is a premium energy drink company on the rise, currently with distribution on the east coast, Zenedge is ready to take the next step. Currently our product line consists of our premium energy drink, consisting of our Regular and our Lite. Also,our 2 oz energy shots that comes in berry and lemon/lime.  We have many new drinks coming out in the near future, so keep checking back at www.ZenedgeInc.com

On top of just a normal sponsorship program through the MXSponsor system, certain qualified riders can join the elite team for a contingency program to be announced shortly on our website. "We are looking for the best riders, on and off the track to promote our brand. I think certain riders deserve more, and we will be looking to give back to the industry, not only with our contingency program, but also trying to sponsor as many events as possible", Sais VP of sales Richard Stallone.
"MXSponsor has put us in a great position to help our new brand reach out to a large group of core motocross riders, and I think once they taste our drink, they will realize why our slogan reads, IT'S WHAT INSIDE THAT COUNTS"!!

The program is live on the MxSponsor.com site today.
To take advantage of this deal from Zenedge Premium Energy Drink, riders need to sign up, free, at www.MXSponsor.com. Once here, riders can build their online profile, upload action photos and video's, post race results and submit their profile resume to nearly 200 motocross companies. MXSponsor.com is the fastest and easiest way to be sponsored in the motocross industry and is the exclusive sponsorship partner of Zenedge Inc.
Or for more information on Zenedge, please visit their website at www.Zenedgeinc.com

How MXSponsor.com Works:
MXSponsor.com works for racers of all age levels that are looking to get sponsored. Forget paying up-front fees to submit a resume. Riders build their online profile, upload action photos, race results, write a cover letter and then submit it to as many companies as they wish all for free. Riders then receive responses from companies, deals, and offers, and can choose to pay a one time $50 fee for the year to sign unlimited contracts with no obligation. MXSponsor.com is the free choice for riders to see if they got what it takes.
MXSponsor.com's platform is also great for companies looking to process resumes online or to find thousands of new potential riders. MXSponsor.com works for any company of any size and accounts can be setup within one business day.

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