Ziggy – Emig – Hahn – Bowers on DMXS Radio Tonight

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Factory Connection Racing was co-founded in 1998 by Rick "Ziggy" Zielfelder and has become one of the true premiere teams in the pits. The coveted ride has produced some of the sport's top riders and they continue to build the next generation of stars through their formidable amateur program. Ziggy is the "OZ" behind the curtain and rarely comes out for an interview since he's always busy in the shop tuning and tweaking suspension, or team duties at the races. We're very stoked that he has some time for us tonight to talk about his ever-growing business and race team. You can check out all the suspension goodies available for your bike at www.FactoryConnection.com.

We always love catching up with multi-time AMA champion turned SPEED TV analyst Jeff Emig to get his take on the sport off camera. He's been a frequent guest in our studio over the years and our listeners enjoy his perspective when he takes off the sport coat and regulation blue shirt and bench races with his southern crew. With the 450 season approaching the halfway point, and East coast boys heading to Atlanta for round two, we have plenty to cover tonight.

GEICO Honda's "Lil" Wil Hahn has been one of favorite riders over the years because of his never-ending positive attitude through all the adversity the sport could throw at him. It was awesome to see him podium at Dallas last weekend and see all that work pay off for the likeable Texan. I'm glad this dirt bike thing is working out, because he would starve as a rapper!

Team Babbitt Kawasaki's Tyler Bowers is synonymous with Arenacross. The multi-time champion has found his niche in the sport and is poised to make yet another run at a title this year in the popular revamped Amsoil series. We've known Tyler since he was a kid and appreciate his success and determination. You can find out more information on the series and races in your area at www.Arenacross.com.

It's that time of the year when amateur motocross ramps up and Oak Hill Raceway in Texas will be hosting a big shindig, March 13-17. We'll catch of with those folks tonight and get the latest on the 37th One Industries GNC championship in the Lone Star state. Info at www.OakHillMX.com.

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