Photos By Ryne Swanberg

“The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship hit the halfway point this past weekend as we visited Budds Creek Motocross Park in Mechanicsville, Maryland.  The Budds facility has hosted some of the most iconic moments and events in motocross history with Doug Henry launching off of Henry Hill in 1995, the insanely packed MXoN in 2007, and the 2009 mud race that looked like a jet ski race.  The top-notch course is less than a hour away from the Nation’s capitol and a lot riders spend time sight seeing before the race.

 A mud race was inevitable leading up to Saturday, and with the ground being saturated all week plus a 100-percent chance of rain on race day, it meant the day was going to be extremely tough.  The rain held out somewhat during the first motos, but the downpour during and after the second 250 moto put the last 450 moto on hold for a few hours.  The facility was evacuated and everyone was crammed into semis and any other shelter they could find.  I was stuck inside the media tent with no power, and with tornado warnings in the area, I completely packed my gear up in case the wind picked up. The racing was great in the mud with Alex and Jeremy Martin battling in the first moto, which resulted in the older of the two getting his first professional win. Alex almost had the overall, too, but crazy scores in the mud conditions gave the overall to Musquin with a 7-1.  In the 450 class, Ryan Dungey dominated the first moto, but after a few crashes in the second and loosing his front fender and goggles he battled all the way back to seventh to salvage some points on the day.  Justin Barcia took advantage of Dungey’s misfortune and completely dominated the second moto with an aggressive ride in the mud to get his first professional 450 overall.  The series heads to one of the nicest facilities on the circuit this weekend at Red Bud for the Fourth of July; Red Bud is always an amazing race with killer fans!” —TWMX photographer Ryne Swanberg
Steps:  15,150
Miles Covered: 7.4
Photos Taken: 3074