Photos By Ryne Swanberg
“The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship headed to Mount Morris, Pennsylvania, for the fifth round at High Point Raceway. The course in Southern PA is definitely one of my favorites on the circuit, and the dirt is always killer with the ruts getting insanely deep by the end of the day. One of the biggest things about High Point as of late is the fans and how rowdy they get, and there’s especially one group that keeps coming back every year and having a lot of fun during the podium celebrations. This year the track underwent some of the biggest changes that they have ever made, and although some of the changes I wasn’t a fan of, I think all in all it was the best High Point course that I have seen. I was very surprised to see the big hip double gone as well as the RC double being changed quite a bit with a new tunnel being constructed. Racing was the best we’ve seen in the 450 class and the points are starting to tighten up between Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey for the title. The 250 class seems like it’s Marvin Musquin one weekend and then Jeremy Martin dominates the next. We really haven’t seen these two battle yet, but hopefully we’ll get to see that fight before the end of the season. There was a super scary moment at the start of 450 moto one when Phil Nicoletti went off a berm instead of making the turn and landed right on my friend Garth Milan’s head. It was probably one of the worst things I’ve seen at a motocross track, and I’m super thankful that it wasn’t any worse. Heal up Garth! The series takes a much needed weekend off for Father’s day this Sunday, and then we head to the super hot and muggy Budds Creek Raceway for round six. See you at the —TWMX photographer Ryne Swanberg

Steps: 12,478
Miles Covered: 6.1
Photos Taken: 3433