“The final East coast round of the year went off in East Rutherford, New Jersey, this past weekend.  This was the second consecutive year for the NJ round at MetLife Stadium, but this time around was a little different with the start times.  Using the prime afternoon slot on television, it was the first time in the history of the sport that the race was aired live on tv.  This meant that the race went off during the day instead of the usual night time racing.  It definitely provided a different atmosphere throughout the day, but I enjoyed the schedule, as I had a lot more time after the race to chill out, get some food and get to work on my photos.  On most Saturday nights I don’t usually get back to my hotel until midnight, and by the time I get something to eat its almost 1:00am and time to sleep.  The racing was great in East Rutherford: Marvin Musquin grabbed his first title here in America, and Eli Tomac grabbed another main event win.  One more supercross race to go this weekend in Las Vegas, and then we are off to the outdoors!”
Steps:  19,453
Miles Covered: 9.63
Photos Taken: 2273