Presented By No-Toil

Photos By Ryne Swanberg

“The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship visited the Pacific Northwest for round nine in Washougal, Washington, at the picturesque Washougal MX Park.  This round is one of my favorites on the schedule with the beautiful scenery and close downtown area of Vancouver.  If you haven’t ever made it to Washougal and get the chance to in the future, I highly recommend it!  Shooting is usually pretty tough, though, due to all of the shadows that the trees create on a sunny day, but this year we didn’t have to worry about that because it pretty much rained or drizzled the entire day.  It wasn’t a miserable rain like Budds Creek this year, but it still made the day harder for everyone. Surprisingly the track held up great, and only the first motos were a little muddy, which provided some excellent racing. We had another swing in point this weekend in the 250 class in the opposite direction of last week, as Marvin Musquin landed on the podium and Jeremy Martin had some bad luck. Ryan Dungey has the 450 championship pretty much locked up, but Justin Barcia has been keeping it interesting every week. We have another off weekend and then back East for the Unadilla National.  Enjoy the Bangers!” —TWMX photographer Ryne Swanberg

Steps: 16,827
Miles Covered: 8.3
Photos Taken: 3509